Unusual Elvis CD From Myanmar

Maynmar, formerly known as Burma, has release its first ever Elvis Presley CD entitled "The Greatest Collections". It contains the same track listing as "Elvis 2nd To None".
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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 17, 2007report abuse
chicken: The avalanche has already begun.
chicken (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 17, 2007report abuse
wow Maynmar's FIRST ever compilation get ready for the avalanche folks
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 17, 2007report abuse
do they have cd-players over there?
Jth (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 17, 2007report abuse
Are you telling us that the government of Myanmar (not Maynmar) is behind this release?? I very much doubt it!
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 17, 2007report abuse
Great news! As I was there a few months back and found out that the younger generation doesn't know anything about The King. There were no cds available, not even imported ones. The elderly generation knows him of course and I met some fans to whom I did send some cds and dvds from Europe, as they did not have anything.

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