Unpublished Elvis Pictures On Display

The Fingerprints OF Elvis exhibition will have the wolrd premiere showing unpublished pictures of a young Elvis (and other 50s rock icons). From the press release: Previously unseen and unpublished images of Elvis Presley and other major Rock & Roll stars from the 1950s - including The Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly, Dion and many more ­ are to be revealed at the Early Rock exhibition at the Fingerprints of Elvis Exhibition. The high quality photographs were taken by the then unknown 17-year-old photographer Lew Allen and can now be seen together for the first time from Wednesday 3 December 2003 to spring 2004 in Liverpool¹s Albert Dock. Perfectly capturing the emerging spirit of the early rock 'n'roll years, Lew Allen gained unprecedented access to the backstage area at three concerts ­ initially due to local newspaper strike action - when Elvis visited Cleveland, Ohio in 1956. The candid work he produced then so impressed the managers of the Rock Party concerts two years later that they encouraged young Lew to go in to the theater to take photographs on assignment. The artists also gave him free reign to shoot anywhere - on or off stage, in their dressing rooms, on the tour bus, wherevers. * World Exclusive - Photographic Coup for Fingerprints Of Elvis American photographer; * Unique exhibition of Elvis Presley and other 50s rock icons by Lew Allen; * Press Launch 12 noon on 2nd December: by Mike McCartney; * Lew Allen will be available for interview 1-3 December; * Open to the public Wednesday 3rd December.
Source: Fingerprints Of Elvis / Updated: Nov 19, 2003 

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