Unedited Masters: Nashville 1970

Venus announced a new release in the "Unedited Masters" series, Unedited Masters: Nashville 1970

From the press release:

Again we are able to present to you more undubbed and unedited masters, this time as recorded in Nashville, Tennessee 1970. As always, we deliver all songs without any fade-ins, fade-outs or cut-outs. Everything is presented the way it was recorded in the studio. The sound quality on this wonderful release is again "from outer space". Hear Elvis in his prime in a way you never heard him before! Don't you dare miss this great and limited edition and …… If it sounds like from outer space, you can be sure it's from Venus.

Track listing:

1 Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off of It unedited O.V. master 5:37 2 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me unedited O.V. master 2:34 3 Just Pretend unedited O.V. master 4:13 4 Faded Love Brass & Stings O.V. master 4:09 5 The Next Step Is Love unedited O.V. master 3:48 6 Make The World Go Away Take 3 O.V. /work part Tk.1 O.V. 5:01 7 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water unedited overdubbed master 5:24 8 Twenty Days And Twenty Nights unedited O.V. master 3:40 9 I've Lost You unedited O.V. master 4:01 10 I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago unedited master 3:29 11 The Sound Of Your Cry unedited O.V. master 4:36 12 The Fool unedited undubbed master 2:33 13 Cindy, Cindy unedited O.V. master 3:16 14 It's Your Baby, You Rock It unedited alternate master 3:23 15 Stranger In The Crowd unedited O.V. master 4:35 16 Mary In The Morning unedited O.V. master 4:25 17 This is Our Dance backup vocal overdub master 3:14 18 Only Believe O.V. master ( featuring horns ) 2:58 19 Patch It Up unedited alternate master 3:28 20 The Fool Take 1 ( different mix ) 2:24

Total running time 76:57
O,V, = overdubbed  

Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Oct 7, 2011 
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KINGE (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2011report abuse
Any news regarding release date for this.....I want it :)
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 9, 2011report abuse
Hi Cisco and Rob V : Cisco, good reasoning, that's what probably happened ! Rob, this Venus release is really worthwhile . Their releases are really always top notch ! Great to have 'em in possession. Best regards. Always El.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 9, 2011report abuse
It was never released. Perhaps he saw the track listing for it and added it in advance.
Rob V (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 9, 2011report abuse
benny scott, thanks for clearing that up. But Vol 2 of "Strictly Country" is mentioned on Keith Flynn's sessions site so some how, there are some who got that release.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2011report abuse
Rob V : to answer your question : NO, not at all ! Complete different tracklist. Vol.1 was a Gravel Road release, Tracklist Volume2 was indeed announced but hasn't seen the light of day so far . This release is a Venus-one. Always El.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2011report abuse
WOW ! Great release. Venus, one of the best bootleg labels around !
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2011report abuse
Already ordered ! Always El.
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2011report abuse
A must have!
Rob V (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2011report abuse
Could this be "Strictly Country" Vol 2 which never came out on silver disc?
blackdiamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2011report abuse
Thats great, loved the 1973 version of this one. Looking forward to this one

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