UK Hall Of Fame Musicians Inducted

The public has chosen one act to represent each decade since the Fifties as part of a new Channel 4 show. Robbie Williams represents the 1990s, Michael Jackson the 1980s, Queen the 1970s, the Rolling Stones the 1960s and Cliff Richard has been chosen as the ambassador for the 1950s. The UK Hall of Fame also inducted honorary members: Madonna, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, U2 and the Beatles. All these acts were honoured in the ceremony London’s Hackney Empire which will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday. Elvis Presley’s former wife Priscilla, 59, picked up his honorary award. She said: “Elvis would be very proud… I wish that he could be here to enjoy this moment.” She added: “His dream, that of a world tour, was never realised. His fan base was so strong here, and because of that he would have been very proud to receive this.”
Source: Google / Updated: Nov 12, 2004 
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forelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 22, 2004report abuse
This woman gave bad luck to Elvis Presley, because Elvis was beat in a Rollingstone new and John Lennon beat Elvis Presley in the Q magazine poll. Mr. Elvis Presley never will be in the place where this woman is
scarlet o hara (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2004report abuse
I think it is great and I'm looking forward to seeing Priscilla on telly too. Maybe Elvis will be there in spirit. I have spent so many years wondering what life would have been like if he had still been alive.
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2004report abuse
Wonderful. Looking forward to seeing Priscilla on our TV tomorrow evening. How sad though our Elvis is not able to come and receive it himself - we would have actually had a chance to get him to the UK with or without Col. Parker!

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