U.K., Canadian And Australian Chart Update

The "Rubberneckin'" single dropped to #17 from #9 in its third week on the U.K. singles chart, the compilation "2nd To None" dropped too, in its second week on the Album chart from #4 to #10. In Canada "2nd To None" compilation entered the album chart at #3, the "Rubberneckin'" single dropped to #6 from #3 on the single chart. Down under the "2nd To None" compilation dropped from #4 to #6 on the album chart and 30 #1 Hits remained steady at #32. The "Rubberneckin'" remix dropped from #15 to #16 on the singles chart but remained #1 on the dance chart.
Source: DotMusic.com / Updated: Oct 19, 2003 
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Andreas77 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2003report abuse
Elvis is known for having the best and most loyal fans in the world. Why can't BMG utilize us in the promotion process? The main thing is to bring attention to a new release - like 2nd to none - out to the public. Create a web page where one can download a promotion poster and fans could easily just put them up where they live. I am sure a lot of us would do so (I would!). Secondly, 2nd to none is highly relevant, no matter how many copies that are sold: The sound is just phenomenal, just listen to If I Can Dream, it's a new song! I want a number three: Elvis from 69' on the cover, Let Yourself Go as the remix, several songs from the latter part of his career (undiscovered among the public) and the fans and BMG - together - promoting the product.
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2003report abuse
No wonder these two cds are going down the charts
I asked my daughter about them andshe said that her friends have never heardthem on the radio and I agree not enough air play for the single and not enough advertisement for them both as as for the video on totp well what can I say too much colour and not enough of our man ELVIS! Also adding roustabout what a cheek just an excuse to make me buy it for one song are we going back to the bad old days.

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