U.K. 2nd To None Sales

BMG reports the first week total of 33,000 units of "2nd To None", which is on target for this kind of release. The sales predictions by the company are 500,000 by Christmas, half of what #1's achieved. Television advertising will commence during the first week of November, as planned. The CD's release has already been featured in almost every national newspaper, and in most consumer magazines, so it is wrong to say that there is little or no promotion. There is a massive poster campaign about to start around the UK, and the company hopes to build on this first week's success. For an Elvis Presley CD to be the highest new entry on it's first week of release is something for us all to be proud of! We cannot expect in a country where Elvis has had more "Greatest Hits" packages than in any other territory for him to always to go straight to number 1. A couple of years ago we were excited with a "Top 20" placing. In the UK since charts began Elvis Presley has had a tolal of 41 top ten album placings - more than any other artist".
Source: Todd Slaughter / Updated: Oct 14, 2003 
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loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2003report abuse
Thats true Jim I agree, But it was on during half time of a live fooball match. That's how I caught it. Advertising on BBC now that's a novel idea. Don't think the Colonel in is hewday could have even arranged that, but there again.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2003report abuse
I didnt think Channel 5 in the UK had any viewers! Its hardly the same as advertising on BBC or ITV is it?
loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2003report abuse
just had to tell everyone, watching TV channel five here in the UK and low and behold an advert for the E2 album. So shocked couldn't remember all that was in it, but I remember a clip from Viva Las Vegas, among others. It looked and sounded great. Well Todd it seems like the beginning of November has come early !. Let's hope for loads more and hopefully on the main ITV channels.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2003report abuse
I,m sorry Todd but you are so wrong. You say that the TV advertising campaign will commence on the 1st week of Nov.as planned- i think you will proberly find that by then the album will be dropping out of the top 40.
You say that the Cd's release has already been featured in almost every national newspaper- well, i,ve been going through all the national newpapers in England for the last two months and have not found one major feature for this album. But this has got to be the best one...."there is a massive poster campaign ABOUT to start in the UK" .What do you mean by about to start? Don't you think its alittle bit late.? When 'ALLC' was released it already had been played daily on radio stations for two months and because of the NIKE advert it got to No.1.
The reason ELV1S got to No.1 was because of the single. We(the fans) were so happy.Well done BMG for that. This year they chose 'Rubberneckin' as the single .Brilliant i thought. Then someone from BMG had to spoil the song by remixing it. Bad idea. The most important part of a song is the first 10 seconds. The original of Rubberneckin' has you hooked straight away but they took all that away in the remix. Except for a great video (which was hardly shown) it got no promotion. It was shown on TOTP but only half the video. The album release was such a shambles.
If you bought the single you would have noticed that inside, "2nd to none" was promoted.They even used the wrong cover in the end. Everything about promoting the single and the album has been too late.
The only reason the single got to number 5 and the album to number 4 was cause of Elvis alone. I really thought after last year BMG were going to promote Elvis but all they are more concerned about is how much money can we make from another compliation. "I,m a Roustabout" has been USED to get sales of this compliation.It should have been on a soundtrack. We do expect Elvis albums to do well because of how great Elvis is but how longer are we going to fool the fans and the public?
Its sad to me that Todd ,who is a man i admire so much for his continued campaign to promote Elvis and his love of Elvis, has taken sides with BMG and not backed the fans who most agree that there has nowhere near the promotion the single/album should have got.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2003report abuse
The bottom line is - unless you are a hardcore Elvis fan like we all are and regularly visit websites such as Elvisnews, you would have absolutely no idea that any new releases were forthcoming. The promotion and marketing strategy is abysmal, it just doesn't exist in the vast majority of countries worldwide. And we have every right to complain, because Elvis deserves so much better treatment.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2003report abuse
I must agree Eddy White is right,you do'nt start a promotion after the thing is released, they made a mess of the rubbernecking single . A.L.L.C. has Nike to thank for the succes, not BMG RCA, they made a clip afther the single was a hit and we have not seen that a lot on TV.
In fact i have not seen it anywhere since the single was in the charts. And to BMG RCA i can only say again, stop bringing out so many compilations , make a hit of the one CD a year strategy. The F.T.D. label is there for the fans and there alone you got 4 releases a year. It is worse then when Elvis was alive.
We had Close Up , 2nd to none and the christmas box and i forget a lot af others , this is too much. There is no other singer alive that can survive such an output, not even Elvis.In Holland Rubbernecking dropt this week from 8 to 15. Belgium i do'nt know yet but it is a big hit on local radio stations so young people do like it but the video is never seen on TV. So stop fooling us by talking about promotion, promotion my ....
And to Todd i say , you of all people must know how poor promotion for Elvis was in the seventies, how many Lp's came out in one single year giving the new one not a chance. Even the singles came so thik that one was only six weeks in the charts and the next one was there.
I do'nt even want to say anything about the things they did bring out on single, we never got Polk salad at the right moment on single to name only one. I know Elvis can do well in the charts, in fact we can see it right now.
We only need for RCA BMG to believe in it, but afther almost 50 years they still have not seen the light. Can it be that we , the fans are too easy and just buy everything, i wonder.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2003report abuse
IF BMG have planned for a tv ad campaign in November then they are "shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted" The tv ad campaign should precede the issue of the cd or, at least, run alongside it in it's first week of release. A bad move to try and prop sales up a month afterwards. I do not understand their strategy does anybody else?
Mathias (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2003report abuse
Hi, Elvis 2nd to none is already dropping down the in the UK charts. If my informations are correct, we will find it around No. 8 or 9 next week. But already better than in Germany, I don´t think that it will enter the German Top 10 at all. There was only some promotion on a 2nd class private TV channel called VOX. I can´t understand BMG`s marketing politic here in Germany. In the world`s 3rd biggest music market (more important in sale figures than the UK) they could sell much more than they did in the last years if they would begin to learn that it need the same or more promotion overhere as in the UK or the U.S! 2nd to none has no support here from a charttopping Single, since Rubberneckin is such a mayor Flop in Germany due to absolutley no promotion. Shame on you BMG Germany!!
midnight (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2003report abuse
Many Thanks for your updates and information Todd, and i must say that i agree with you on the charts issue, i reckon it's wonderful how well 2nd to NONE is doing, and so soon!, All things considered i'm well pleased at the many achievements that Elvis still continues to gain, in many places throughout the world. Like you say, people would be pleased with far lower chart placings only a short while back, To always expect, and almost insist upon 1st placings is often not realistic, or feaseable. It amazes me at the amount of negative feedback, and moans and groans that are posted on some sites. Here's one Elvis fan of many years, who's contented, and still proud of his past, and current achievements, and i'm sure i speak for a very large majority of the members of the fan clubs i help to run too. we remain positive and enthusiatic, not to mention realistic,...and always 'Elvis Fans Forever'.
loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2003report abuse
Something niggles me about this statement from Todd (OEPFC), but somehow I can't figure out why. He say's the CD has been featured in every national newspaper and in most consumer mags. I assume this means they have reviewed it etc. As opposed to RCA actually buying advertising space. Or am I wrong and it has been advertised and I missed it. I apologise if it has been. It is excellent news that TV promotion and a poster campaign is planned. I can't wait to see it!!!!!! Of course I'm proud of this release being the highest new entry, which I still say it has achieved without any promotion from RCA yet! As for Todd saying this is just another Greatest hits package and we can't expect it to go to number 1. Well I thought this Cd E2 was supposed to be more than just another compiliation, with all it's re-mastered ,re-mixed sound etc and its un-released track. Or am I mistaken. I don't expect every Elvis release to go to No 1, of course not. But coming off the back of the last release E1, and the recent single I don't believe expecting a top placing is misplaced, if handled correctly. I'm also proud of the 41 top ten placings, but there is something more important than them. Let's get on with the next 41 top ten placings and introducing Elvis to the younger people who are just discovering his music through these new releases. Being negative and not expecting a release to do well is not the way forward.

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