UK #1 In Slovenia (And More Results)

More chart updated are available, and the UK #1 singles entered more charts than we knew so far. Here are some of the available chart results. Switzerland: #99 Are You Lonesome Tonight? 13.02.2005. #96 Jailhouse Rock (20.02.2005). #99 Return To Sender (03.04.2005). #87 Rock-A-Hula Baby (13.03.2005). #100 She's Not You (27.03.2005). #94 Way Down (01.05.2005). Slovenia (February 13, 2005): It seems the UK #1 singles have been released in Slovenia too. According to the "Charts All Over The World" website Elvis was listed with several singles and several singles reached #1. #1 "It's Now Or Never" (from #33). #2 "One Night" (from #5). #3 "Jailhouse Rock" (from #1) #33 "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (new). Sweden (March 6th, 2005): #68 Good Luck Charm (re-entry). #69 She┬┤s Not You (New). #72 Return To Sender(New). #74 Devil In Disguise (New). #76 Rock-A-Hula Baby(New). #79 His Latest Flame(Re-entry). #82 Crying In The Chapel(New). #93 Surrender(Re-entry). #96 Way Down (New). #100 The Wonder Of You (New).
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pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on May 8, 2005report abuse
I am from the uk and I think its great that the uk singles are doing well in other countrys
lsp2231 (profilecontact) wrote on May 4, 2005report abuse
Let's not forget that Elvis was and is a global phenomenon. It makes me feel very proud that Elvis is doing well in many countries that "most people in the Uk don't even give a damn about". His popularity in those countries is a very good example of the impact he still has. So, I think it's not fair to insult people from other countries. Elvis still has a global appeal, like it or not.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on May 4, 2005
Invisible because there was bad language used

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