Twist Of Fate Reunites The Presley Hit Making Machine

The Jordanaires, Sweet Inspirations, and the TCB Band Join Together in the Recording Studio For the First Time Since The King's Death Los Angeles/New York (PRWEB) August 8, 2004 -- (LMS)- John Krondes and the Jordanaires are sizzilin’ the airwaves in test markets across the country with a teaser single, "The End", for a soon to be released highly anticipated CD album concerning Elvis Presley. Most callers wanted to know where and when Elvis and his band and back-up singers recorded this song. Hardcore Elvis fans knew he never recorded this song but sang it to Priscilla the night they met. Yet, there was Elvis and his music exploding from their radios. And that's the whole point. The music behind Elvis is back. The same people are back The Jordanaires are the magical vocal group that sang with Elvis Presley, and countless other artists. The Jordanaires back up Elvis on his first RCA recording and sang on virtually every recording he made through 1970. The Jordanaires can be heard backing up Elvis on smash hits such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “It’s Now or Never”, “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, “Return to Sender” and so on. Singing sensation John Krondes, who now sings the Elvis vocals, is the son of veteran music composer Jimmy Krondes, responsible for many award-winning standards. Edward Lozzi, President of Edward Lozzi and Associates, Public Relations, in Los Angeles, has called it “A Historic Event”, “A Great Hollywood Story that hasn't been seen in years”. Since “The Day the Music Died”, August 16, 1977 the passing of Elvis Presley; the media, Hollywood and the entire entertainment world has been repeatedly asking the question, “Is Elvis Still Alive?” We are proud to say after 27 long years, affirmatively YES ELVIS LIVES!!!" Over the last nine months, the most unlikely fateful series of events has re-united Elvis Presley’s entire “Hit Making Team” and musical entourage. Through one strange portentous encounter after the next, literally every member of Elvis’ powerful iconic music making unit has assembled with the young singer/songwriter John Krondes to create new history making music recordings. First it was kismet that introduced John Krondes to the Jordanaires about four years ago. By accident, singer John Krondes drove by a billboard in Las Vegas advertising the Jordanaires, and from that chance moment, predestination took hold of this exploding project. The Jordanaires agreed to try a recording session with Krondes in Las Vegas, and from that very first session at Son Song Recording Studio, an auspicious linking of one ring of Elvis Presley’s music entourage followed by another has brought forth to this moment the strongest chain of music makers since the day Elvis died. Over the last few months, John Krondes and the Jordanaires have recorded several new songs with Elvis Presley’s “TCB” band and “The Sweet Inspirations”(the girl back -up group) both of whom recorded and played with Elvis live from 1969 until the time of his death. This lineage from Elvis includes composers Paul Evans and Dennis Lindy both of who wrote hits for Presley. Paul Evans has written several new compositions with John Krondes for this project. As further cause of wonderment continued to enter this fated venture, Ray Bardani, Producer/ Engineer, who recently remixed Elvis “30 #1 Hits” and “2nd to None” compilations for RCA Records, portentously joined the project and has been recording and mixing the new tracks by John Krondes and The Jordanaires. In the very same “Studio 4” at the Hit Factory in New York, that Ray Bardani brought Elvis Presley’s songs to new life, another new life and continuation of Elvis’ life in music was created as Ray mixed these new tracks by newcomer John Krondes and The Jordanaires along with Elvis’ TCB band and the “Sweet Inspirations”. Distinctly not an imitation of Elvis, but a rebirth as many have called this project, fate has intervened and launched a continuation of power, distinct style and sound in these tracks that are remarkably similar to the recordings of Elvis’ peak in the 1970’s. Edward Lozzi and Associates recently presented, with great acclaim, it’s first listening session of the new material by John Krondes and The Jordanaires for some of Elvis Presley’s close friends at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, California. The closing song of the presentation “How Great Thou Art” left a few guests in the room in a state of bewilderment, asking if it was Elvis or John Krondes that they had just heard. Though singer John Krondes has a style definitively his own, the combination of Elvis’ entire “Hit Making Machine” together with John creates remarkable moments in this music, that are strikingly resembling of the Elvis’ recordings with these very same musicians and singers. The many that have been exposed to this project, are of the belief that Elvis’ spirit has blessed his adored group of Hit Makers he left behind and for John Krondes to carry on the amazing music making that had ended with his untimely death. Ironically, “The End”, the first recording by John Krondes and The Jordanaires, was one of Elvis’ favorite songs. Priscilla Presley stated in People magazine that it was “The End” and “Are You Lonesome Tonight” that Elvis serenaded her with on the piano in Germany when they met. Elvis was later destined to record “The End” written by John Krondes’ late father Jimmy Krondes and Syd Jacobson, but died before the recording session. "The End", has become starkly opposite to its definition as title, and is contrarily just the beginning of John’s career in music recording, as well as a new beginning and continuation of Elvis’ life and spirit in his new music coming to your music center outlet soon.
Source: Google / Updated: Aug 8, 2004 
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