Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley At No.1

After a few days Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley is the #1 best selling HMV Music DVD in the United Kingdom according to an update from the Memphis Recording Service. It is also #1 in the UK Woolworth chart and is expected to go #1 tomorrow on Play, although many people are complaining that their copies have not arrived from this source. And this Sunday in the official charts it is expected to be very high indeed if not #1. This would be the first time Elvis has reached #1 on an independent label.
Source: Memphis Recording Service / Updated: Jun 14, 2007 

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ElvisBizz (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 15, 2007report abuse
It is available in theelvisshoplondon (watch EBAY). Fast shipping.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 15, 2007report abuse
Try amazon,they have very fast shipping!
Marko (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2007report abuse
This is available in the US via Worldwide Elvis.
thenexte (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2007report abuse
I would guess there is no U.S. release due to copyright laws. The audio is in the public domain only in Europe, but not in the U.S.
Joe Carr (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2007report abuse
Awesome news, why not release it in North America as well?

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