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There is talk of two new Tunzi releases. Early 2005 we can expect a follow up to the “Hot Shots And Cool Clips” DVD with on-stage footage from 1956 and professionally shot material from Elvis’ 1972 performance at Madison Square Garden. Apparantly Joe Tunzi is also working on two new book which will focus on Elvis’ recording sessions showing new and rare pictures of Elvis in the studio throughout his career, titled "Photo Sessions". Another one is about Elvis concerts in 1975. But as Joe Tunzi puts it; "all in due time".
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Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 19, 2004report abuse
Good news from Tunzi. I love his books, especially the RECORDED MUSIC OF ELVIS ARON PRESLEY I - III. One question: Does anybody know where I can order HOT SHOTS AND COOL CLIPS Vol. 1 ? God, I missed this. What a shame!
Elvisly yours.
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2004report abuse
Well its been a while since we have had any good footage of our idol. I just hope that we do not have to wait too long for this dvd . I hope that the complete footage is featured on this dvd . I will welcome thisdvd when its released .its about thime now that we get some great footage of Elvis .- Lets see how this progresses. i cannot wait.
2kisses&3scarfs (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2004report abuse
I agree with KingOfSpades 100%. We've all been waiting too long for the MSG footage! Hopefully, it will be complete and have the proper sound in synch with the video. Joe Tunzi always puts out terrific items, so we may not be disappointed.
asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 14, 2004report abuse
I hope that the MSG footage will be released with original sound (even if it's bad). I've been waiting for that dvd for years, and can't wait to see it. :-) It would great if Tunzi could fill the first part of the show, as the show wasn't filmed completely (starting from polk salad annie until the end of show). Fortunately there is some very good 8mm footage out. Also i hope the session-photo-book will include some pictures of elvis' jungle room sessions ;)

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