Tuesday Chart Update

In Norway the "68' Comeback Special" DVD remained steady at #5 this week, the "Aloha" DVD dropped out of the Top 10. In the Dutch Top 30 music DVD chart, the "Comeback" DVD climbs up four places to #26 from last week's #30, the "Aloha" DVD dropped out off the chart. The DVD "Aloha From Hawaii" is still #10 in the Mexican Music DVD chart.
Source: Various / Updated: Sep 28, 2004 
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Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 29, 2004report abuse
I agree Kenneth, i like to see Elvis in the charts that means he is stil in demand. And i say it once again, give us a new good remix and lots of airplay and promotion, a little less Cd 's in a new cover but one good one a year and Elvis is in the charts forever.
Kenneth (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 29, 2004report abuse
maybe 'ged' you have a source for getting all the current, up to date world wide chart info but i don't. elvi5news gives me all this news and more,as for the hourly chart,why not?.
Ged (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 28, 2004report abuse
Surely this isn't all we are going to get from Elvi5news from now on; chart updates i.e. Weekend, Sunday Chart, Monday and Tuesday Chart up date. What's next, hourly chart update?? Come on guys you can do better than this, maybe somemore reviews or views of Elvis music, even a interview or two is better than this.

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