TTWII (Special Theatrical Edition on the FTD label with a bo

There have been rumors on the internet about a FTD release (CD and book) of TTWII material. Is or isn't it coming out? According to World Wide Elvis it is coming out March 2001. There are still legal things to work out with the man who owns the rights to the photos in the book but this will hopefully be resolved soon. This release is supposed to be a single CD with That's The Way It Is" material (half of it is supposed to be unreleased) with most coming from the rehearsals and the rest of course from the "live" shows. The CD should also contain one complete unreleased song that no one has heard mentioned before. It is not in books, etc. The CD will come with a 96 page book with unreleased photos from the movie. This package is being made by the FTD people in conjunction with the European theatrical release of the movie. The release date is scheduled for March but it may be out in Feb if the legal clearances can be resolved. By the way, there will also be other regular BMG items coming out in Europe at the same time to promote the movie.
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Dec 5, 2000 
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