Tribute - Remembrances Of The King

Set for release next year as a movie and 13-hour DVD release is "Tribute - Remembrances Of The King", a 13-hour documentary about the life of Elvis Presley. The filmmakers interviewed over 600 celebrities, friends and family member during the filming of this documentary and traveled over 200,000 miles, in 4 years, to secure these interviews. Called by many who knew Elvis personally, 'the best film they've ever seen on the man,' it is currently being edited and will eventually be released as both a 13-hour DVD boxed set and a feature-length film. Ken Vrana and his wife Lisa are producing the film and it is sure to be the documentary that all others are compared to. They hope for the world premiere to be at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame next year.
Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum / Updated: Aug 18, 2005 
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elvislady (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2005report abuse
i agree with elvos is there anything we dont no about ELVIS and his life dont get me wrong i love to here things about him but only if they are genuin, and really true but have not already been told lots of times by diffrent people.
nrbl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 19, 2005report abuse
Does any one know if this is going to be like the 25th anniversary 8 disc DVD which last 16 hrs? or will it be something different?
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 18, 2005report abuse
But we allready have the definitive collection with 15 hours of that same idea! What more is there to say????? Or what IS the difference between them?

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