Tracklisting Spinout FTD

The "Spinout" FTD soundtrack will be released on May 15th (although EWJ menmtions May 20th) along with the "Flashback CD and Book". Here is the track listing as found on the Japanese Elvis site and the FECC messageboard: Stop Look And Listen / Adam And Evil / All That I Am / Never Say Yes / Am I Ready / Beach Shack / Spinout / Smorgasboard / I'll Be Back . Original Bonus Songs: Tomorrow Is A Long Time / Down In The Alley / I'll Remember You. New Bonus Songs: Stop Look And Listen - takes 1,2,3 / Am I Ready - take 1 / Never Say Yes - takes 1,2 / Spinout - takes 1,2 / All That I Am - takes 1,2 / Adam And Evil - takes 1,14,16 / Smorgasboard - take 1 / Beach Shack - takes 1,2,3 / Am I Ready - takes 3,4 / Never Say Yes - takes 4,5 / All That I Am - take 4 / Stop Look And Listen - take 6 / Smorgasboard - take 5
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dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2004report abuse
Spinout, yes! Elvis's last really good soundtrack album. Can't wait for my copy. And kingtiger0321 sounds like he's right on the money to me -- the movie's closing jam never did seem to have the same studio recording quality sound of the other tracks. Bring it on!
Marco Aurelio (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2004report abuse
I always loved the Spinout soundtrack, but now with new outtakes and in a better sound quality, I´m pretty sure, it will be one of my favourites. And of course, it would be nice to have the closing Jam of the movie, but it´s a great release.
kingtiger0321 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2004report abuse
ep3577, the reason it isn't included was because that was an overdub for the film. It had nothing what so ever to do with the master take.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2004report abuse
I'm only guessing, but I would say that the reason it isn't included is because RCA doesn't have it in their vault. If they had it I'm sure it would be included even it was from a less than perfect sound source.
ep3577 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2004report abuse
Disapointed only for one reason; what happened to the closing Jam in the movie (I'll be back). I surely thought it would be included in this release. Is that track damaged, lost? Can some one tell me why its not here.

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