Tracklisting Christmas Duets

This is the tracklisting of the first-ever Elvis Duets album. On this US edition it he pairs with some of country music's top female vocalists singing Christmas favorites.


1. Blue Christmas with Martina McBride
2. I'll Be Home For Christmas with Carrie Underwood
3. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) with LeAnn Rimes
4. Santa Clause Is Back In Town with Wynonna Judd
5. Silent Night with Sara Evans
6. White Christmas with Amy Grant
7. Merry Christmas Baby with Gretchen Wilson
8. O Little Town Of Bethlehem with Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town
9. Silver Bells with Anne Murray
10. O Come, All Ye Faithful with Olivia Newton-John

Bonus tracks:

11. The First Noel (2008) Elvis Presley
12. If I Get Home On Christmas Day (2008) Elvis Presley
13. Winter Wonderland (2008) Elvis Presley
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Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2008report abuse
Jerry indeed I don't live in the USA and I'm not the biggest country fan in the world. Yet I think I know the key figures in country music and didn't see them here. Anyway this is too much a US oriented release. Since Country music is acclaimed only in US.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2008report abuse
KingKreole - You must not like country music, but your reference to these artists as backwoods hillbilly singers smacks of bias and is unfair. Did you realize many people thought of Elvis as a backwoods hillbilly singer when he started out? Im sure some people still think of him this way, so tread lightly. This release will certainly not appeal to everyone, but for those who dig it, I have no problem with it. There was going to be another Christmas release this year anyway, so at least this is a little different . Dont forget Elvis sells more to the country crowd than any other genre. Im sure the label knows that.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2008report abuse
What a shame this one is. Still, even with this lousy line up of backwoods hillbilly singers, this will likely top Billboard's seasonal chart giving Elvis another number one. I am hoping this is sort of a testing the waters kind of thing for a later release with actual artists with talent. As far as I am concerned, this release is the equivalent of pairing Elvis up with a bunch of rappers. Still, I applaud the smart inclusion of Olivia Newton-John and Anne Murray. Not because I especially love them, or that they are of my generation (I am actually in my 30s), but because they make sense; Elvis recorded Anne Murray's hit "Snowbird" and Olivia's hit "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)".

I'd love to hear a duets album with Elvis doing "Hey Jude" with Paul McCartney, "Tomorrow is a Long Time" with Bob Dylan, "Gentle On My Mind" with Glen Campbell (even though he did not write it), "Snowbird" with Anne Murray, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with Paul Simon, "Sweet Caroline" with Neil Diamond........ Ah, maybe that wouldn't be so great. Not sure. A real duets album should certainly include Springsteen as well, since he seemed so inspired by Elvis. I hope those '2008" ones are remixed/updated sound. That could be the redeeming element of this set
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2008report abuse
Wow. Sara Evans! Not only did she make a great speech last night at thr RNC, she get's to duet with the King.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2008report abuse
If this is supposed to be an intenational release then bigger or at least wider known singers should have been included. I'm sure alot of British singers would have jumped at the chance. Can't help thinking that a duet version of gospel songs songs could then be given the same treatment with gospel artists - shame we won't hear jonny cash dueting on ' a thing called love' now THAT would have been a duet!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2008report abuse
If you don't know 6 out of the 10 singers on this album I'm going to assume either you don't live in the U.S.A. Or if you do you don't listen to/like country music. Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, Sara Evans and others on this list are ALL BIG stars in contemporary country music here. Yes, moms, dads and grandparents know who they are, but more importantly so do the kids. I know because I work "Live On-Air" in country radio 6 days a week. I expect this to be a big seller here. Overseas? Probably not. Narek, if you don't know who most of these singers are use the Internet to educate yourself. You might just learn something useful.
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
OMG 6 of these singers I don't even know...This is definitely not gonna be a big seller. Sad as it is it would sell a lot more with duets with Britney, Jessica Simpson, J-lo ...etc. Martina McBride, Sara Evans and Gretchen Wilson are unlikely to add new buyers for an Elvis CD. Maybe except their parents and relatives...
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
I'd love to hear one good reason why anybody should buy this. We have the originals and they can't be beat, and yet some of you are going to pay good money to get them in this form with singers half the world haven't heard of (or thought were dead - Anne Murray, Olivia Newton John -plllllleeeeeaaassee!) This is about as 'cutting edge' as if he were duetting with The Osmonds. Another one for the loons and those desperate to believe such a release will keep him 'alive'. It's time to grow up.
samcra (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
I know all of you are wondering if I will buy it. ...........drum roll.........YES I WILL !!!!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
Elvis finally gets to sing with Olivia Newton-John. Im sure he would be thrilled.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
Only 10 duets. Kinda stingy aren't they. Where are the guys? Heh heh, a vol. 2 next year if this one sells.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
So I guess you're not buying it then, Palle?
Palle (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
Where the h?)%$/( is the piano intro to a certain Elvis christmas song?? Until that will be released I will not be touching this with a ten foot pole; even doubt I'll touch it ever, and certainly not buying it
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2008report abuse
I am, almost certain that, the "2008" after the 3 bonus tracks, means New mixes on the original vocal. This should be an exciting CD release !!!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2008report abuse
I look forward to this release. Will definitely buy it. Brian: I don't have a problem with the 3 non duet bonus tracks, but I notice that 2008 is listed after each title. I wonder why? Are these new mixes?
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2008report abuse
Should be Elvis' biggest chart hit in the U.S.A. since the 30 No.1's release a few years ago. I am a little disappointed that there are three tracks not listed as duets. It is either a 'Duets' album or it is not. I will certainly be buying this one.

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