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The BMG compilation “Elvis At SUN” is the definitive collection of Presley’s work at this historic studio, recorded with the legendary producer Sam Phillips. “Elvis At SUN” is the single CD of all of Elvis’s Sun master recordings updated for improved audio quality, featuring many performances recorded from newly found tapes. This CD will be release June 22, together with the 50th Anniversary of Rock And Roll compilation and the Comeback and Aloha DVDs. Track listing: 1. Harbor Lights 2. I Love You Because (alternate take 2) 3. That’s All Right 4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 5. Blue Moon 6. Tomorrow Night 7. I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’) 8. Just Because 9. Good Rockin’ Tonight 10. I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine 11. Milkcow Blues Boogie 12. You’re A Heartbreaker 13. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (slow version) 14. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone 15. Baby, Let’s Play House 16. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 17. Mystery Train 18. Trying To Get To You 19. When It Rains It Really Pours
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Apr 26, 2004 
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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2004report abuse
Let's see. There's Elvis At Sun, 50 Years of Rock 'n' Roll, and the '68 and Aloha DVD sets all coming out at the same time. Oh, and don't forget the FTD releases that are in the pipeline. Looks like I'll have to prioritize. First things first. The '68 TV Special. Glad to be getting all these releases though.
mrstats (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2004report abuse
Does anyone know who remastered the CD? I sure hope it is Vic Anesini.
hillbillycat (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2004report abuse
nothing wrong with this...superb cover, the content timeless, but just cant see it bieng picked up by the record buying public and really offers nothing new to the fans although i appreciate it's the 50th anniversary and all, i wonder how many times they can sell the same material just by saying the sounds have been improved, are these the definitive versions or what, also are you gonna buy this and the 3 disc set, and why release it on the same day as the dvd sets. And i'm sorry but i've gave up on ever hearing uncle penn, satisfied, tennessee saturday night or whatever, if they had them why hold on to them.
Theo (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2004report abuse
This looks like a nice set for Joe Public. I will keep waiting for Jorgensens book with 3 cd, though. By the way, if this is a "single CD of all of Elvis’s Sun master recordings", how come there is an alternate take of I Love You Because on the cd, instead of the master which was spliced from takes 3 & 5? Oh well, as long as the original is still available...
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2004report abuse
I have always been lead to believe that "Only You" is not known to exist on tape. Elvis performed it on tour in 1956, but on the night captured on tape in Little Rock, he chose not to perform it! As for "Satisfied", this did exist as recently as 1956 because it was documented on the Sun tapes handed over to RCA. This tape is now lost, perhaps destroyed in 1959. It has always been stated that "Uncle Penn" was released on a bootleg single in 1955, a fact that I have always cast doubt over. At least one copy would surely have survived, but as yet, none have ever emerged.
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2004report abuse
Did Ernst really say 'Only You' exists Jimmy? I've been wondering about that for years. It's clearly said in a radio interview that Elvis performed it, but I had no idea they captured it on tape. It's odd that it hasn't already found its way onto a release though. Perhaps it doesn't hold up too well.
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 26, 2004report abuse
I agree with Mr. Burrows. We want new stuff or, at least, alternate takes. Where is the "Satisfied" tape or Uncle Pen?? Elvis recorded "Only You" live and that tape exists, according to Mr. Jorgensen. Whre can I get more information about that SUN CD Boxet??
Jon Burrows (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 26, 2004report abuse
Just to be on the safe side: isn´t the SUN cd boxset for the fans still on schedule? Around 2005, if I remember correctly? And these 19 tracks is definetly going to be on that boxset ....right?

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