Thursday Chart (Prediction) Updates

On the Norwegian Album Top 40 the compilation "Love Elvis" dropped one place to #7 while in Sweden this album climbs to #13 from #31 in its third week. In France the CD dropped ten places to #25. On the Austrian Album chart "Love Elvis" dropped one place to #66 from last week's #65. On the Swedish Music DVD chart the "Aloha" DVD chart remains steady at #20. In the UK the midweek chart sales are: 1. Elvis 24.000 2. Nelly 19.600 3. Jennifer Lopez 4. Kaiser Chiefs (lead of 1500) 5. Girls Aloud 6. Akon The US Billboard Elvis Chart listings for the week ending March 5, 2005: The Billboard 200 - Love, Elvis down 59 to #179 Top Christian Albums - Ultimate Gospel down 4 to #29 Top Country Albums - Ultimate Gospel stays at #54 Top Pop Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1's up 2 to #27 Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1's up 1 to #3 On the European singles chart "Surrender" is #8.
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mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
let it snow,let it snow,let it snow...
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
pacer im glad you got one at last, now u know where to look
get real (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
i think Nelly will take it this week. it should be easy for him to sell another 10,000 before Saturday night.
I think there needs to be about 50,000 copies of the Elvis singles to be available to assure a #1 each week.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
Does anybody know if Asda's sales count towards the charts ?I have just managed to get a cd single of His Latest Flame from them tonight. I am having to sit down at the moment because I am so shocked that I managed to get one (lol)
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
well spotted buddy, actually, hope that`s not an omen for us! or maybe it should be? no, i hope not actually. man i`m confusing myself now!!!
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
Oh My God, theres no number three this week , lol.
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
re-joemin, i`m not too great with this on-line business,if Marie is currently their 3rd selling single,does that mean we`ll be no.3? or does it add onto the 24000-odd that is printed above? sorry if i sound a bit thick!!
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
It could be very close this week. There is enough product out there for Elvis to get to #1. Only snag is that some outlets will have them under the counter, and some "pre-orders" may not be collected this week. HMV online have the single available (un-numbered) and it is their 3rd best selling single at the moment, so that augers well. Let's just hope the weather keeps the kids at home!!

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