Three Orginial Bootleg Re-issues Out

The Dutch Elvis For Everyone re-issued three original bootleg albums as limited editions on CD. The CDs "Shock, Rattle And Roll", "From The Waist Up" and "The Dorsey Shows" contain the original album tracks and artwork with the original labels on the CD. The first title comes with a twelve pages booklet.
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theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 8, 2008report abuse
Absolutely no need for these. They had their day. That day has come & gone.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2008report abuse
I stopped buying cd's only for the cover a long time ago. Every elvis fan has these recordings on at least three other cd's!
BigRedGG (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2008report abuse
"I need 'em man, I need 'em"
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2008report abuse
These were important LPs for the Elvis fan back in the day (20 years ago or more). Now they are completely useless and have no value being on CD. Anyone who buys these has money to burn.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2008report abuse
Wonder if The Dutchman with the high pompadour is getting design royalties for the 'Shock Rattle And Roll' LP....
elvistruth (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2008report abuse
It's really sad to see so many poor releases. Lost time, lost chances... Why not release the Elvis original albums on sacd-dsd with the best ever sound?
Jerome returns (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2008report abuse
Some sweet day, when this life is over, I will have all bootleg cd's..
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2008report abuse
Couldn't agree more!!!
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2008report abuse
Don`t get me wrong....but who needs them....?? All is well known and appeared on countless releases both official and import..

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