This Is Elvis

A new import release was announced; 'This is Elvis - From The Original Master Tapes'. This is a limited edition of 500 copies, housed in a three panel digipack, with July 16th. as the releasedate.

From the pressrelease: 1981 - 2011 - 30 Years After, finally, the waiting is over ... This Is Elvis

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording, digitally improved from the original album masters.

This Is Elvis is a 1981 documentary film directed by Andrew Solt and Malcolm Leo, based on the life of Elvis Presley. It combined archival footage with reenactments, and narration by pop singer Ral Donner. It was screened out of competition at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival. The film grossed $2.0 million at the box office in the U.S./Canada, ranking #92 for 1981

RCA Records released a two-disc soundtrack vinyl album for the film in 1981 (CPL2 4031), featuring the first official release of several of Presley's 1950s television appearances, and also many edited and overdubbed tracks that, 'till this day, are still unreleased on CD.

It's still a mystery why RCA / BMG / SONY never released a decent CD version of this classic soundtrack album. Yes, there has been some bad bootleg releases, with a simple vinyl reproduction of the original double album, and some tracks appeared on import cds, most of them in inferior quality. Until now!

We are very proud to announce the very first updated silver pressed CD release of the original 'This Is Elvis' soundtrack album in fantastic audio quality, digitally improved, using the original album masters! These recordings are unavailable elsewhere !!

Finally this is the quality CD release this classic album deserves. 30 years after it's original release !! Housed in a superb glossy 3 panel digipack, this is a real 'must have' in your CD collection!! You don't want to miss this one... only available in a limited edition of 500 copies.


1. (Maries The Name) His Latest Flame ( master )
2. Moody Blue ( master )
3. Thats All Right ( master )
4. Shake Rattle & Roll Flip Flop & Fly ( overdubbed , 'Dorsey Show ')
5. Heartbreak Hotel ( overdubbed , 'Dorsey Show' )
6. Hound Dog ( overdubbed ,'Milton Berle Show' )
7. Excerpt from Hy Gardner Interview
8. My Baby Left Me ( master )
9. Merry Christmas Baby ( edit version with strings overdub )
10. Mean Woman Blues ( original film version )
11. Dont Be Cruel ( overdubbed version, 'Ed Sullivan Show' )
12. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear ( master )
13. Jailhouse Rock ( master )
14. Army Swearing In
15. G.I. Blues ( master )
16. Excerpt from Departure For Germany Press Conference
17. Excerpt from Home From Germany Press Conference
18. Too Much Monkey Business ( edit version, alternate overdub )
19. Love Me Tender ( master )
20. I Got A Thing About You Baby ( edit version, alternate overdub )
21. I Need Your Love Tonight ( master )
22. Blue Suede Shoes ( edit version sitdown / standup 'NBC TV Special' )
23. Viva Las Vegas ( master )
24. Suspicious Minds/Excerpt from JCs Award To Elvis ( edit version , live, 'Aloha From Hawaii' )
25. Promised Land ( edit version, harmony vocal )
26. Excerpt from Madison Square Garden Press Conference
27. Always On My Mind ( alternate overdub )
28. Are You Lonesome Tonight ( incl. spoken intro by Elvis, live from 'Elvis In Concert ' )
29. My Way ( edit version, live from 'Elvis In Concert' )
30. An American Trilogy ( overdubbed version )
31. Memories ( edit master, from 'NBC TV Special' ) 

Source: elv75 / Updated: Jul 8, 2011 
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burton (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2011report abuse
Only 500 pressed, no chance of me ever getting a copy then?
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2011report abuse
lacke lee. That cd is a black cd'r- not a real factory cd. If you search on google and search on black cd-r . Look what you find. Print the cover and voila. Cheap made and big money back.
lacke lee (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 24, 2011report abuse
i found this on cd a couple years ago. it's a foldout cover just like the lp cover was and the cd looks like lp's. cd's are black on the play side, so i guess i stick with that one after all my copy is like the lp relese with two much cooler
linda_433234 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2011report abuse
Oh yes i have been told this is counterfeit,would love a real release from sony.
linda_433234 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2011report abuse
Why is this not on cd from sony and in stores,instead we have pointless least this one is a soundtrack.
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 16, 2011report abuse
Í can understand why this kind of releases are welcome. Sony missed the change to release all these albums.Now it's waiting on the legendary serie. I like this one
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2011report abuse
I bought this on vinyl back in the day. Quite enjoyed it. Stiil do. Athough some fans opine I shouldn't. Haven't dug it out for quite awhile. Will have to do that soon. Would buy it on CD if FTD were to release it, but won't buy a bootleg.
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2011report abuse
FTD should have released this one. Even it was released after Elvis passed away, it's a classic one for me.
1 BILLION SOLD (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 12, 2011report abuse
I dont know about everyone else, but I loved goin to the theatre and seein El on the big was my first time doin that, since I was 12 when he died, and I played the cassette so much that it actually wore out and broke, so I cant wait for this, [from the masters] release.
p.s. although I did think the "Elvis talking from the grave" stuff was kinda goofy- still loved it overall!!
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2011report abuse
i thought it was an official release
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 10, 2011report abuse
Gosh, there's a lot of different opinions about this release. I'm all for it, and I hope to find it. I really liked the LP when it came out, especially the overdubbed version of Trilogy. I think for those of us that saw This Is Elvis on the big screen, the CD will have sentimental value. Yet I wonder, who is releasing this CD?
ElvisCriticsSuck (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
This Title just reminds me how much better this film could have been, with the right people in charge...
linda_433234 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
With all the compilations they have released you would think they could make room for a real release of this soundtrack on cd. Elvis music is so mishandled.
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
although i have great memories of going to the cinema to see this i fail to see what the excitement is over the release of the cd. Also, if you have it once why would you want to buy it again? Hasn't all this stuff been released a thousand times before..........
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
shakinggruud, yes i know the previous releases were a direct transfer from vinyl to cd but if you read my comments i did say i would wait and see if this 'new' one sounds different to the others.I am not knocking it just wondering if i need to purchase another copy if the sound is the same.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
Hey John, all previous releases of this album were taken directly from vinyl. I know, cause i collected them all :-))
According to this press release, this one isn't from vinyl, so i'll take my chances!
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
Despite this being available on cd quite a few times import-wise in recent years and to be honest sound on those are excellent i am not really sure what this release will offer that the others haven't?. Again we have this 'LIMITED EDITION' of 500 tag and as none of the cd's will be numbered e.g 0001,0002 etc how do we actually know, of course will wait and see when available to make my mind up if i really need another copy of this to sit on my shelf with the other 3 versions.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
This was album was not good much like the movie. A terrible documentary save for the actual footage where Elvis actually appeared. Bad narration in supposedly Elvis' words from Ral Donner! Actors filling in for Elvis going shopping, please! Then the LP with bad overdubs from the Dorsey shows of all things. For those that hate the remix album idea, like ALLC, this one must really drive you nuts. Nice cover is all I can say about this one.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
Elvis was already gone 4 years when this came out. An album I played once. A couple of master and a few overdubs. Nothing new for me. I didnt see it as a 'real' LP then and sold mine years ago.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
If the original mastertapes were used this should be of very good audio quality . Apperently it's not a transfer from vinyl to CD, it's a transfer from mastertape to CD, just like the LP was made : a transfer from mastertape to vinyl. I still have the original album in very good condition, but will be nice to have it also on CD . Hope I can get a copy. Always El.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
Why are some people getting so excited? It's just another bootleg. No, I take that back. A bootleg contains something that's rare or unavailable elsewhere. This is a counterfeit. Somebody just transferred their vinyl onto CD (you can do that yourself) and then hyped it up with a press release. I'd buy it if it was an FTD release, but in the meantime I'll stick with my original vinyl.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
It has been bootlegged ages ago...hard to get. A welcome release.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
my fave too - loved the overdubbed live 50's stuff at the time - (shame the 'extended' version on dvd wasn't in as good quality as this)!
ranskal (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2011report abuse
I bought the VHS when it came out and the cassette version of the soundtrack...this one is a must have for me! Such a great flow of tracks...I can't wait!
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 8, 2011report abuse
Yes!! Finally, my first LP i ever bought from my own money :-) Great to have it on CD, if only for the fantastic Merry Christmas Baby strings overdub!
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 8, 2011report abuse
Looks good to me !

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