These Boots Were Made For Elvis?

Nancy Sinatra told British radio host Jonathan Ross: "If I could have lived again. I'd seize my chance with Elvis." She would have jumped at the chance to have a relationship with Elvis Presley, but the pair were never single at the same time. The daughter of crooning legend Frank Sinatra admits she was smitten with the King of Rock, and is bitter the pair never hooked up. "The first time we met I was 19 and engaged. The next time he was about to have a baby. Our timing was bad. When I think about it, I get mad with myself."
Source: Google / Updated: Jun 21, 2004 

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Pietro S (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2004report abuse
Maybe if Nancy had married Elvis, he wouldn't have been alone and lonely at his last years?? They could have been a good family ;)

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