The TV Times DVD Released

Out now is a double DVD titled "The TV Times". This DVD contains more or less all the TV show with Elvis beside the "68' Comeback" and "Aloha From Hawaii". The TV Times contains the following TV shows: The Dorsey Shows The Milton Berle Shows The Ed Sullivan Shows The Frank Sinatra Welcome Home Elvis TV Show TV Broadcast from Las Vegas to promote the upcoming Aloha From Hawaii show A Little Less Conversation Music Video
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: May 16, 2006 
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Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on May 18, 2006report abuse
Looks good to me. If the quality is good than we all are very happy. It is interesting what kind of material will be released now, is this material from the VHS times ?
GeeBee (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2006report abuse
Wow, yes, thanks for the review. Too bad -- this would have been a perfect DVD if it were complete and clear. Drives me crazy to have all these bits and pieces of performances on different DVDs/Videos.
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2006report abuse
Thanks Steve Morse. You saved me some hard-earned cash. I was tempted to purchase this DVD but on account of your comments I will wait till the powers-that-be finally decide to release decent quality versions of these historical shows (hopefully in our lifetime!). I already spent a small fortune on the Region 2 releases of The Milton Berle & Sinatra shows but the picture and audio quality leave much to be desired.
Steve Morse (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2006report abuse
Avoid this like the plague. At least three of the Dorsey shows are way out of synch (sound/picture). The Milton Berle is dubbed from a cheap 'life story' type video. The Ed Sullivan shows are far, far from complete - not even one version of Love Me Tender. The Sinatra show is poor quality. The Aloha conference is interesting. I sent mine back, over a month ago.

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