The TCB Tour In January

Below is the definitive list of the TCB Tour with Dennis Jale next January. If you can, be sure to attend the German show as well. Our friend Markus Henfling always does a great job and, just like us, he knows that 'Quality Matters'. All contact info through the link below. If, however, you're a real TCB Fan, we recommend the entire TCB Weekend in Germany and a stay at the Kaisersalm Hotel! 

january 07th 2012 - Fanclub dinner

january 08th 2012 - Show in Mol - Belgium

january 10th 2012 - Fanclub dinner

january 11th 2012 - Show in Oslo

january 13th 2012 - Show in Vienna - Austria

january 14th 2012 - Show in Vienna - Austria

january 15th 2012 - Show in Vienna - Austria

january 17th 2012 - Fanclub dinner

january 18th 2012 - Show in Marbella - Spain

january 20th 2012 - Fanclub dinner

january 21st 2012 - Show in Kulmbach - Germany

january 25th 2012 - Show in Ljubljana - Slovenia

january 27th 2012 - Fanclub dinner

january 28th 2012 - Show in Hochdorf - Switzerland  

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Oct 31, 2011 
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jmgelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 2, 2011report abuse
The TCB Band in Spain ? ? ? Really ? ? ? We, Spanish Fans, are in the Elvis World map ? ? ? Can´t believe it ¡¡¡¡
And the Fanclub Dinner, at the previous day, January 17th 2012, is with the Spanish Fan Club ? ? ? A DREAM came true ¡¡¡
GGGirl (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 2, 2011report abuse
Will they also come to give a show(s) in Oostend or Knokke Cursaal or in Antwerp Sportpalace ?? Next year 2012 ???

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