The TCB House Party

On 15, 16 and 17 August 2008, the TCB Band will not be in Memphis, but the band members will be the hosts in a Belgian Castle - Fit For a King, you could say. Seats are strictly limited. The Belgian fan club ElvisMatters organizes this special event.

Details from the ElvisMatters website:

One of the benefits that come along with the busy concert agenda the fan club has is the personal contact with the musicians of Elvis. Even though the respect for them remains indescribably deep, after a while the contact becomes less formal, and we begin to consider each other as friends. James himself said it during the European tour in October of last year: “We're family!”

But imagine our amazement at the end of December, when Natalie Scheff, wife of the TCB Band's bass player Jerry Scheff asked us if ElvisMatters would be prepared to organise the second Official TCB Band House Party in Belgium. For a brief moment, we did not know what to say. What an incredible honour. What recognition the Elvis musicians gave us! It still gets us in a cold sweat if we think back to that moment.

After all, the TCB Band House Party is a unique event that is staged by the TCB Band members themselves. In that way, the TCB Band is able to get to know their fans personally during a whole weekend in a unique setting. Just being there is an unforgettable experience that is much more intense than you could ever imagine. You get to spend three days together with the original band of Elvis Presley in a luxurious castle, where you meet each other at the table as well as in the hallway, the concert hall, and at the evening reception. The number of invited guests that can enjoy the entire weekend is therefore strictly limited. Those of you who do participate, will return home with a suitcase full of unforgettable memories.

Let us take a moment to look at the history of this unique event. As you may well know, a few years ago, bass player Jerry Scheff decided to leave the U.S. and move to Scotland. His wife Natalie is a film producer and as such, often organises parties, weekends and special occasions for a living and lives nearby a beautiful castle named 'Dunn's Castle.' It was Natalie's idea to combine her organisation skills with the Scottish castle and the TCB Band. As a result, the first TCB Band House Party Weekend, in which 50 fans from all over the world took part, took place in November 2006. ElvisMatters was also present. This weekend was without any doubt, a milestone in the life of every fan that had the privilege to be there. On Friday, there was a formal dinner planned (in formal dress, even Ronnie Tutt was wearing a bow-tie!), on Saturday, there were a number of activities planned with the TCB Band (such as skeet-shooting, a castle walk, a demonstration with birds of prey), and in the evening, there was an intimate, unplugged concert with the TCB Band in one of the castle's rooms. Friendships were made, and some unforgettable memories originated.

To keep the idea of a TCB Band House party fresh, this unique concept only takes place occasionally, at different locations. In 2008 the whole group goes to Belgium, nearby the Dutch border. Natalie Scheff is again in charge of the organisation on behalf of the TCB Band, and helps ElvisMatters with the filling-in and the working out of the weekend.

It probably goes without saying what a true honour this is for a fan club: the TCB Band asked us to take care of their very own House Party. So you can be damn sure we will do everything in our power to make this party successful. And the timing too is very special. While all eyes will be pointed at Memphis on 16 August, the TCB Band will be with us, on their own weekend. The thousands of fans in Memphis will have to do without James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Glen Hardin and Ronnie Tutt.

But... what has such a weekend got to offer? Unlike other events, the TCB Band is present during the whole weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday morning. They talk about Elvis, about their own careers, about great and small anecdotes and they are the hosts of the entire weekend. Ronnie Tutt certainly wants to be there, even though his world tour with Neil Diamond could put a spoke in our wheel, but if it is in any way possible, he will obviously be present at his own House Party.

Temporary programme:

Friday 15 August

15:00 - 17:00 Check-in in one of the castle's hotel rooms
17:00 - 18:00 Exploring the domain of the castle
18.30 Welcoming speech in the majestic Great Hall
19:00 Unplugged concert with the TCB Band and Dennis Jale
21:00 Formal dinner with word of thanks by TCB Band

Saturday 16 August

08:00 Breakfast
10:00 Morning walk
11:00 Elvis memorial service with Gospel Choir in the church of the castle
12:00 Tour with tour guide of the historic castle
13.30 Lunch with the TCB Band
14:00 Cadillac Parade on the castle's courtyard
16:00 DVD premiere of That's The Way It Is - new American Edition 2007
18:00 Walking dinner on the courtyard
20:00 Presentation of the anniversary book, "5 Years ElvisMatters"
20.30 Live concert with the TCB Band and Dennis Jale
22:00 Reception at the castle's courtyard, with appetizers, a wine corner, DJ, live music and several attractions

Sunday 17 August

08:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 12:00 Check-out

Starting from 12:00 Castle Folk on the Castle's court

This ticket is all inclusive. You are one of the 50 lucky ones that get to experience this intimate weekend from the beginning till the end. You check in on Friday, and you check out on Sunday. Everything is includes in the price: two nights, meals, receptions, concerts and a free anniversary book. Total cost: €375 for each person (based on two persons sharing).

With this ticket you are welcome for the entire Saturday at the domain of the Castle. You can join us for breakfast, you can attend the Elvis memorial service on 16 August, you are invited to the Walking Dinner, you are a guest at the TCB Concert and you are expected at the extensive evening reception with live animation. Total cost: €115.

This ticket gets you in the exclusive TCB-show on Saturday evening, and the following reception with the hosts, the TCB Band members. Total cost: €75.

Who is Dennis Jale?

Lead singer for both concerts, is the young Austrian Dennis Jale. Dennis has been a well-known name in the Elvis world for many years now. Last January, he performed with the TCB Band in Vienna, Prague and even Bulgaria. Dennis was chosen by the members of the TCB Band themselves, so that has to mean something.

How can you order tickets?

Flanders/International: Peter Verbruggen (+ or

Holland: Michel Van Erp (040.844.1921) or

History of the Castle

The impressive castle of Alden-Biesen is one of the best preserved and beautifully restored castles in the world. The entire domain belongs to the Flemish Community that has paid for the extremely expensive renovation costs with European funds.

Alden Biesen was, for many centuries, the centre of a province in the land of Meuse and Rhine. This province had approximately 12 regions (castles in the country or residences in the city), each of them headed by a governor. Those governors were under the authority of the land governor that stayed in Alden Biesen (Bilzen) or in Nieuwen Biesen (Maastricht). Kings, emperors, heads of governments and states: they all visited, or stayed at Alden Biesen.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Mar 5, 2008 

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