The Rockin' Rebel Volume 1

The classic "Rockin' Rebel vol. 1" bootleg album will be re-issued on CD on the G.A. label. This CD comes in a jewel-case.


Milton Berle Show:

  1. Hound Dog
  2. Elvis Meets Deborah Paget
  3. I Want You I Need You I Love You
  4. Presentation Of Billboard Award
  5. My Baby's Gone
  6. I Dont Care If The Sun Dont Shine
  7. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  8. I'll Never Let You Go
  9. King Creole
  10. As Long As I Have You

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Hard Headed Woman
  2. Trouble
  3. Dixieland Rock
  4. Don't Ask Me Why
  5. Lover Doll
  6. Crawfish
  7. Young Dreams
  8. Steadfast Loyal And True
  9. New Orleans

Movie Versions:

  1. King Creole / Crawfish
  2. Steadfast Loyal And True
  3. Lover Doll
  4. Trouble
  5. Dixieland Rock
  6. Young Dreams
  7. New Orleans
  8. King Creole
  9. Don't Ask Me Why
  10. As Long As I Have You


  • Dixieland Rock Intrumental Remix


  • Interview From Lacrosse Wisc.
Source: Elvis Corner / Updated: May 23, 2009 
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Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on May 29, 2009report abuse
I agree with you Steve that Elvis didn't improve on some songs originally done by others. Yet, he did on many others. I think any of the songs from "King Creole" listed above on "Rockin Rebel" would make a great "Song of the Day". Speaking of "King Creole", I got to see the Jordanaires & DJ Fontana perform this track live here recently. It sounded good hearing them perform it live.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 27, 2009report abuse
Dixieland Rock - Understood. I do actually agree with you most of the time as well. I dont remember slamming others on song of the day. Maybe I did or I just became a bit angry and somewhat embarrased at some fans who slam everything Beatles just because of the rivalry that once existed. You have to give others their due, some fans on this site just dont do that. I dont think Elvis improved upon every song he sung, especially the Beatles & Ray Charles songs. By the way when are you gonna be song of the day? One of my faves from K Creole.
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on May 27, 2009report abuse
Steve, I actually agree with you 95 percent of the time, so I want to say that upfront. It's also cool with me if you don't like this reissue of "Rockin Rebel" or if "Hey Jude" "stinks" to you. There are more important things in life to be concerned about than ones opinion over one song versus another. What annoyed me was when you questioned mine/others "judgement" just because we said some POSITIVE things about a "Song of the Day" you don't like. According to your "assesmnet", some of us shouldn't be here simply for saying we like a song you don't like? Lighten up man. It's only opinions. Again, as far as this bootleg "Rockin Rebel" I have no plans to ever buy it, but I'm not slamming anyone who does. Steve, most of your comments, I AGREE WITH, but not here.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 26, 2009report abuse
Some 30 years ago the contents of this LP were basically not available anywhere and certainly not in a quality LP. Now it is all different. This stuff has been out & about in so many ways in the 30 years since, this release makes no sense at all. Yes I think it s foolish to buy it in my opinion. Sorry, but this is a boot CD of a 30 year old boot LP. Don't be afraid to mention me by name. I know who you are talking about (and Hey Jude by Elvis still stinks!)
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on May 26, 2009report abuse
So let me get this straight, according to one of the commentors, if a person bought the original version of this 30 years ago, they would NOT be considered a "fool", "insane"or "foolish"? But if someone in 2009 expresses interest in buying this, they are suddenly labeled a "fool" or more mildly put, "foolish"? I disagree. Personally, I would probably never buy this, but I'm not going to condemn someone who may. I've also just learned that if some people say something POSITIVE about a "Song of the Day" that others may dislike, the complain brigade are standing by ready to let you know about it. This same commentor that called anyone who buys the above collection "a fool", "foolish" & "insane", now questions certain member's judgement just because they like a song he doesn"t? It amazes me. Like another commentor recently said, "you can't make this stuff up."
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 26, 2009report abuse
I want it, i gotta have it, cause the cover ,some silly people care about the contents! For me its the cover!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 25, 2009report abuse
While I won't be buying it, it is after all a hobby. Some people collect postage stamps, some people rare coins, some people records and CDs. There are sub-categories of "types" of fans after that. I don't have a problem with such releases. It's great to have choices in this life.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on May 25, 2009report abuse
This shows just how much originality the producers (Mr. half-beard and his crew of fence loving freaks) have really got. Bootlegging a 30 year old bootleg and adding a remix for the kiddies. Just what will these bozos come up with next? Whatever it is, it'll have been done before.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 25, 2009report abuse
Perhaps using the word fool was a bit too strong. But I still feel this is a foolish release on CD. There is no reason for this other than the quick buck theory and after reading some of the comments on Hey Jude as song of the day, I may not be too far off in my assesmnet of some of the fans that visit this site.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on May 25, 2009report abuse
Nice cover indeed ! The "Interview from Lacrosse Wisc." should not have been a "bonus" on this cd, as the interview was part of the original LP-tracklist. As Natha wrote : younger fans not having the LP could ad this CD to their collection. Was a bit surpised Steve V called people buying this cd "fools". Normally this is not his style giving comment(s). Have to agree with Jesse Garron. Always El.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on May 25, 2009report abuse
I also remember vividly the moment I could lay my hands on this LP, some $35 I paid. Having the complete set of official releases the hunt for those releases was exiting and fun. Something to look. And yes Sitdown, the cover is quite special. And the size! I agree with your remarks on design. Only now-a-days if you are lucky you get a nice booklet. But it is the music that counts. Was I waiting for this release? Not really. I have those on other cds. But I can imagine new fans don't. So as they start collecting they won't have to pay 35 euro (appr the equivalent). I hope they will enjoy it as much as I did/do and will do.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2009report abuse
Bit dramatic sitdown but made me laugh!
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2009report abuse
oh yes, remember having it back in the mideighties. stunning cover. here one becomes aware of the loss in design when cd entered those days...who wants graphic design reduced to a napkin? not me.
Danny_F (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2009report abuse
i remember this well, LP's like these were like the Holy grail at the time. A bit strong to say crap release but generally i agree that now there's nothing new so makes no sense to splash out on it. Brings back great memories though and probably one of the best bootleg covers ever.
Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2009report abuse
If you track down 20 Euros for that you must be aware, that you will need another 4.000 Euros because they will release all 200 Imports that have been released in the 70s and 80s on vinyl. Remember, Madison is gone, so there is much space now for rip-offs. And they will rip us off. There is no doubt about that.
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2009report abuse
steve v watch out who you calling fools if you don't buy it, that's fine don't care if someone buys it?, that's their bussiness not yours. they are not fools for doing so. come on
japio (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2009report abuse
Why keep this C.R.A.P been coming. I thinks its the same people who released Jailhouse cd
and the classic lp's like 56 sessions,the bootleg (3cd )serie.And A instrumental remix of dixiland rock. Great yes. Only for fans with too much money. I only want to say Boycot this Crap
andrew1 (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2009report abuse
It's still a nice cover.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2009report abuse
Remember the LP? At the time, it was new stuff in a nice open up LP with a stunning cover. That was like what 30 years ago? Who cares about this being on CD now? Oh yeah the fools that will buy it I guess. Totally insane CD release.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2009report abuse
The rerelease of this makes absolutely no sense.

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