The Return Of The King: An Elvis Novel

Just released is a book by Michael Hodjera "The Return Of The King: An Elvis Novel". It doesn't sound like our piece of cake, but for the diehards that want anything Elvis we included the book description. Mystery, magic and mythology collide as Elvis returns from exile to Hawaii, only to find himself confronted by an ageless menace bent on destroying humankind… Book Description It is the spring of 1977, and a bloated, disillusioned Elvis stands at the crossroads. To continue down the path he is on means certain death. However, a bizarre encounter with a mysterious woman offers him another alternative. With her help, he fakes his death and goes into solitary exile in the South Pacific with a new face and a new identity. Now, twenty-seven years later, the king returns. Lured back by memories of a lost romance that took place during the filming of one of his forgettable early sixties films, Elvis finds himself back on Hawaii’s Big Island. Incognito, he settles in the tiny, remote fishing village of Malea where he meets the town kahuna, O’e, and his family. But all is not well in paradise. Three village teenagers go missing. O’e and Elvis teem up to try to find them. What they discover is that an ancient evil has taken root near the village which threatens not only the island but the future of all humankind. Compelled to help in whatever way he can, Elvis must risk his cherished anonymity in a desperate bid to thwart a formidable, virtually indestructible opponent…
Source: Elvis Presley - A Life In Books / Updated: Dec 21, 2004 
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hillbillycatlover (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Another Elvis boring. Maybe the new EPE management deal will put a stop to this junk.

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