The Presley Women

The upcoming edition of the Dutch magazine Glossy, for sale in Belgium and the Netherlands, features an interesting story on “Three generations of Presley women”. There are quotes from Lisa and Priscilla, focussing on Lisa’s 4 weddings, the rough times after the divorce in 1973 and the impact of Elvis on their lives. The magazine goes on sale in Holland on June 27, 2006.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Jun 8, 2006 
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Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2006report abuse
What more can be said about Elvis and the woman in his life, what do they have now that was not already knowen before. They just cant stop looking for something to sell a book.
PTCJones (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 10, 2006report abuse
Can't imagine what else there is to say after Elvis and me or Elvis By The Presleys. Perhaps a bit of dirt has been saved specially for this.

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