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Authors P.W. "Phil" Aitcheson and Deborah Wines will be releasing a book in early 2006 entitled, "The Presley Alternative", which will further discuss the details of "Fountain Pen", and other matters pertinent to the disappearance of the "King" in 1977. It will also make reference to actual evidence that proves the King didn't die after all, and will provide a positive outlook on the reasons for Elvis' leaving.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Jun 9, 2005 
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emmablue73 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2005report abuse
Well I have been undecided for years on wheather or not Elvis is actually dead. I have always felt something funny went on with his death or disappearance. I have seen a video though called The Elvis Files that has some very interesting information regarding his death. We may never know. I mean this is very good for Graceland and EPE, since they are more profitable in his death than in his lifetime.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2005report abuse
While the usual "Elvis is alive" / "Elvis was murdered" tales are a load of old toss, "Operation Fountain Pen" is a very interesting and serious matter. "Fountain Pen" was indeed an investigation by the FBI regarding a man called Frederick Pro, who was involved in a mafia run scheme to defraud Elvis (And others) of millions of Dollars. They already conned Elvis out of, if my memory serves me correct, over a Million Dollars. Briefly, the idea was: Elvis had a plane he didn't use, Mr Pro says "I'll lease the plane out to people who need one, with the idea that they will be using Elvis Presleys plane as a selling point, we pay you a percentage of the earnings, everybody's happy". Unfortunately one "Snag" of the agreement was that Elvis had to pay for maintenence and improvements to bring the plane to FIA regulations along with other "administration" charges. After Elvis spent a fortune, he realised that nothing was happening and the FBI got in touch, Elvis and Vernon were to appear as witnesses in the trial, Elvis dies shortly before said trial, conspiracy theories flourish.
There is a lot more to it than that, but for those who don't know, thats the main points. The thing I find really interesting is that most of the FBI documents relating to this are witheld on the grounds of "National Security"; which does make you wonder what the hell was going on there. As I said, it's a very interesting subject which warrants a much closer examination than it has received so far, but not in the form of yet another pile of crap claiming to prove Elvis is either still alive or murdered by the mob.
Mielvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 10, 2005report abuse
Fountain Pen I believe is the name of a FBI investigation concerning an attempt to defraud Elvis when he was looking to buy a plane in the 70's
VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2005report abuse
As dumb as this is, I certainly consider it Elvis News. I personally like knowing as much as possible about when Elvis' name pops up anywhere. I mean, even bad Elvis news is Elvis news.
....By the way, what the heck is "Fountain Pen"?
CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2005report abuse
The problem is that a serious Elvis site like this one publishes this as Elvis news.
jonsi (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2005report abuse
Mathias (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2005report abuse
Who cares about this kind of bull****!

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