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For the upcoming NumberOnes release a special promo was made for the World Marketing Conference that BMG held recently in New Orleans. Only ONE copy was given out to each person attending! This CD is protected against unauthorized copying. This now confirms that the upcoming # 1 Hits CD will be totally remastered. The CD comes only in a regular jewel case without any cover sleeve. There is a white sticker with "Promotion Only - Not For Sale". Notes about the song: "A:B test" means that the original song is played and then the new version is heard. For example, when you play the song - Return To Sender - you will hear the original old version for a little while and then suddenly after a few verses THE new enhanced version comes on and after a while it is back to the old sound, then again the new enhanced sound. The difference is really very noticeable. The Track Listing Return To Sender - A:B test; Suspicious Minds - A;B test; In The Ghetto - outtake; Crying In The Chapel - outtake; The Wonder Of You - outtake; Suspious Minds - outtake; Way Down; Crying In The Chapel; Devil In Disguise; Burning Love; Suspicious Minds.
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Jul 5, 2002 
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