The New Frontier Imploded

The New Frontier casino-hotel was imploded early today, giving a violent end to the second property to open on the Las Vegas Strip. The 16-story hotel tower was felled with over 1,000 pounds of explosives before a group of reporters and bystanders to make way for a multibillion-dollar resort bearing The Plaza brand, which is set to open in 2011. The destruction of the New Frontier was the latest step in a dramatic, and expensive, facelift for the northern Strip. The Stardust hotel-casino was imploded in March. The Last Frontier was the second hotel-casino to open on the Strip, and over its 65 years it played host to such entertainers as Ronald Reagan, Wayne Newton and Siegfried & Roy. Elvis Presley performed for the first time in Las Vegas at the resort in 1956. Billionaire Howard Hughes once owned it, and Wynn's purchase of a minority stake in the 1960s in exchange for heading up the slot and keno departments sparked his career as a casino magnate. The implosion: Liberace and his brother George visit Elvis backstage at The New Frontier:
Source: Reuters / Updated: Nov 13, 2007 
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Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2007report abuse
To Pnygirlup You are right it it Hollywood or Bust because the filming dates are april 16 to July ? and that fits right in the time frame.
vegaselvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 14, 2007report abuse
it is sad, but time marches on and vegas goes along with it. now, that whole section of 'old vegas' is gone: frontier, stardust, silver slipper, castaways, sands, desert inn... those were the days. one entertainer important to the frontier history missed in the article above is robert goulet. he became a headliner with that opportunity. just so you know, the original 2 story bldg is still standing. it was used as a dust shield. i expect that to be wrecked by bull dozer and swinging ball. so to me, elvis is still in the bldg! that low rise is where elvis stayed in a suite on the 2nd floor. the martin and lewis movie was Hollywood or Bust. the last movie they made together. i will check it out. gotta see elvis on the marquee. what incredible fortune that that was filmed! thanks for the tip. if you want to see the implosion video, visit the website of our tv station, kvbc, channel 3. (wish i could post a link here, but the rule says not to...)
Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2007report abuse
A point of information, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis made a mivie in 1956 i think it called Pardners in it they are riding down the Strip and Elvis Presleys' name is on the billboard for the Frontier Hotel. The movie is in color and who knew back than it would be a part of history. Any how that end of th strip is a place one would like to stay away from to far from the center and the action but the place keeps changing
secondrichard (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2007report abuse
I Was in Vegas in July.The Frontier Closed On July 16th If I remember well, we were there July 14th and a week later. Shame to see that another part of Vegas history is gone. Don't want to be sentimental, but we've visited Vegas in 1997, 1999 and as said in July 2007. This year it was like a big building project. They were working everywhere and the first thing you saw when arriving on the strip (from the Stratosphere side) was the huge 'whole' between Circus Circus (the awfull hotel where we stayed this time) and Treasure Island. Everything in between which was there in 1999 was gone: Westward Ho, the Stardust and now the Frontier as well. yes, ok, Vegas has to go with the time also, but still the charme of the older building is finally totally gone now. It's time for the bigger business now.

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