The Memphis Jukebox Two

Vee-Tone Records and Elvis Unlimited team up with HMV to bring a piece of Rock‘n’Roll memorabilia to London – for one day only on Thursday, 28th October – to support the CD launch of The Memphis Jukebox Two (released 18th October)

To coincide with the release of Volume 2 of The Memphis Jukebox, Vee-Tone Records have teamed up with Elvis Unlimited and HMV to bring a piece of Rock ’n’ Roll history to the UK. On 28th October, Vee-Tone Records will be in HMV’s flagship Oxford Circus store (150 Oxford Street, London) accompanied by Henrik Knudsen of Elvis Unlimited, the new owner of the original Elvis jukebox collection. Vee-Tone Records and Elvis Unlimited will have on display over 40 original singles from Elvis’ jukebox as well as other memorabilia once owned by ‘The King’. Appropriately, Elvis used to release his early recordings in the UK on the HMV label.

For almost twenty years, the King of Rock ’n’ Roll would relax at his Graceland home by listening to his personal jukebox filled with the records he had amassed over many years. These were the songs he loved and the music that inspired him – the tunes that made him ‘shake, rattle and roll’.

And now over forty of these 45 rpm vinyl singles – by artists ranging from Gene Vincent to Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley to Ray Charles and from Little Richard to James Brown, will go on display to the public for one day only along with other items of Elvis memorabilia on October 28th at HMV’s Oxford Circus flagship store, 150 Oxford Street, London W1.

In attendance and to meet fellow Elvis fans will be the new owner of the collection, Henrik Knudsen of Elvis Unlimited as well as Megan M. Murphy of Record Collector magazine, whose article ‘secrets of the King’s jukebox’ has generated huge interest among fans.

There is no doubt that Elvis was one of the most influential recording artists of the 20th Century. He dared to blend African-American influenced Blues with Gospel, Bluegrass and Country. This unique sound became Rock ’n’ Roll, and those influences can still be heard across many music genres today. Fast-forward to today, thirty-three years after his death, and there is still a fascination with Elvis Presley and his legacy that no other artist can match.

Whilst there have been many releases over the years that have claimed to feature the music that inspired Elvis, there has never been a verifiable album that truly showcases the actual recordings and artists that influenced and entertained him, both in his formative years and at the height of his fame. Until now, that is.

It has long been known that Elvis, an avid music collector, kept a personal jukebox at Graceland. The whereabouts of these 45’s had always eluded memorabilia investigators, but in October 2009 the mystery was solved when they were put up for auction. And now Vee-Tone Records – an independent UK music label, has just released two volumes of music based on this very collection of singles: The Memphis Jukebox (Volumes One and Two).

David Gillespie of Vee-Tone Records said:

“This is a truly unique and historic collection. Whilst many of the records individually will have been heard before, together they give a remarkable insight into Elvis’ life and musical influences. Every time you press ‘play’ to listen to this collection, you are recreating a moment in time; a moment in Elvis’ life when he, himself, would press ‘play’ on his personal jukebox in Graceland.”

“As many music lovers know, a music collection can be a very personal thing. Not only does it reveal your musical tastes, but it can chart the ups and downs in your life; it can paint a personal picture of your unique spirit, personality and character. The Memphis Jukebox collections strip away the hype and the commercial aspects of Elvis and leaves behind the bare essence of the man himself. We are hugely excited to be bringing this unique and historic collection to the eyes and ears of the world.”

All singles featured on both volumes of the Memphis Jukebox albums will be on display at the event.


Source: Email / Updated: Sep 27, 2010 
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