The King Is Dead Book (And DVD?)

After a heavy degree of complications, Katco was advised today that copies of "The King Is Dead" should be in the hands of Katco within the next week and ready to be shipped to customers by November 15th, 2004. Here is the new cover. Originally, it was anticipated that the book would be available in August in time for the anniversary. Delays in finishing the composition and layout of the book necessitated a delay at that time. Since then, Katco has been wrestling with various other problems which center on punctuation, hyphenation, and other issues that have lead to many imperfections within the body of the text of the book." Discussions are now underway for Robert Holton's book, The King Is Dead, to be made into a DVD documentary running for around 48-52 minutes. Katco Media publisher, Ryan Katzenbach said: "At that length of time, we could definitely attract the attention of a network or cable channel and possibly sell the rights. It would be our interests in telling this story on a much larger scale than that of just distributing a DVD." Release of the DVD is likely to be at least a year away.
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Rob Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
This subject matter continues to fascinate the public and certainly to some degree, we would all generally agree that people who are interested in this aspect of popular culture and Elvis' influence should continue to investigate. The news of Elvis' untimely passing, the media presentation, and public response during this emotional period does not have to border on morbid fascination.
The title is a good working title in my opinion, but, I hope the authors will improve on the title before this arrives at the printers.
Finally, I sincerely hope that we can reasonably anticipate the authors will present the subject matter with the respect and consideration for his memory and Elvis' living heirs and the intelligence of his massive following who have had to patiently endure hundreds of past books that were worth less than the paper the story was printed on. Thank you.

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