The Jordanaires Honored

On January 25, 2008 The Jordanaires were honored at the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville as a part of the hall's Nashville Cats series. In the past year, they have honored The Memphis Boys as well as the A Team and many other important musicians. The Jordanaires are not only members of the Country Music Hall Of Fame but also The Gospel Hall Of Fame, Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, and the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame. They have been part of over 30,000 recordings to date. Sometimes they were on over 4 sessions a day recording not only country music but gospel and pop as well. The Jordanaires still today work on recording sessions as well as perform live. Most recently, they were part of the Elvis Christmas Duets CD which has just been released and tour often with Ronnie McDowell. The Jordanaires are musical icons and very much deserve this honor. Elvis Unlimited sends a big Congratulations to the Jordanaires! Gordon spoke about this honor ,"The Country Music Hall Of Fame is honoring us and they will try to cover some of many things we have done over the years. They will be showing film clips as old as 50 years. Only Ray and I will be attending the event. They have honored others like the A Team and now the background singers starting with us."
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Oct 25, 2008 
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