The Hidden Works Of The King

Here is an update on the status of "The Hidden Works Of The King" electronic book for Elvis CD collectors. Revision 2 is on-target for a March 2003 release, and will contain 542 compact disc entries. The concert date section of the book not only lists 1843 concert dates (including show details, such as showtime, costume worn, attendance, etc), but also serves as a concert audiotape reference guide. The 542 CD entries also create a searchable list of 12,044 song entries - perfect for piecing together studio take variations spread across multiple CD titles, or locating each time a song was performed live. This revision also manages your collection - you can flag any entry to indicate you own it, and enter extra information about YOUR copy too! The web site now has the Windows help file available online for immediate download. This help file provides a context-sensitive user manual at your fingertips while using the book. If printed, it would require almost 40 pages and 36MB of disc space! The file download is 6MB in size, and does require Windows to run. Screen captures of every screen are there, along with detailed discussion on how to get the most out of the book. Everyone that has contacted the author via email, as well as registered users of previous versions of the book, will automatically be emailed when the book has been burnt to CDR.
Source: Hidden Works Of The King / Updated: Mar 4, 2003 

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