The FTD September Newsletter

Here is the FTD newsletter for September 2007 with the details on the upcoming Follow That Dream releases "Girls Girls Girls" (single disc) and "Pot Luck" (2CD) which should be shipping from FTD early November 2007. It also gives some background information on the way the label operates. About the new releases: GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! is a single disc release. As many fans already know, the majority of the tapes from the sessions have disappeared, and at this stage we do not believe they are ever going to turn up. We have collected everything we have on this disc. POT LUCK has an abundance of material available, and we have filled two CDs to the brim. In both cases Vic Anesini and Sebastian Jeansson have mastered the albums. They sound better than EVER. Please let us have your orders no later than October 1st. If the product is ready earlier than expected, we will ship it instantly. A note from Ernst: I have on a number of occasions given in to requests from editors with approaching deadlines, and given them release information ahead of time. Unfortunately that backfires, as many of you are very upset if others have the information first. So in the future – don’t call about this. Everybody will be notified the same day. Important information about distribution and release dates: When we release new product we are bombarded with E-mails and phone calls from many of you. We do understand that, as one of our customers humorously put it, “The natives are getting restless”. However we are one of the smallest customers with both the factory and the distribution, and whereas both companies do their best to keep the deadlines, we will always have to wait if some bigger release gets in the way. This could cost us up to a week with both situations. Running a company with such low sales figures, we have to be cost efficient, so the service we get from the distribution is geared towards that. We do not automatically get tracking numbers, specific shipping dates for each customer. The transport companies have a 3-5 day delivery guarantee. This means we cannot tell you the exact date you get your order. We try to send to far away countries first, but we can only control it in the first stage. To upgrade these services would be quite costly. As you have noticed the two new releases are described as “Shipping date early November”. This is a consequence of several situations: 1) We are both under enormous work pressure from our “daytime jobs”. FTD is something we do on weeknights and weekends, and in this case it means that we have not had the time to get anything ready for October 1st. 2) The vague term early November is a consequence of all of the above. It’s an illusion to guarantee specific dates with so many uncontrollable elements involved. You need to tell your customers this – if for no other reason, at least to keep your incoming phone calls and E-mails under control At this time no decisions have been made in relation to the next releases. We hope to have something ready for January – if not definitely for February. We will be able to tell you by mid-late October. Roger & Ernst The track listing: Girls! Girls! Girls! Original Album Girls! Girls! Girls! I Don’t Wanna Be Tied Where Do You Come From I Don’t Want To We’ll Be Together A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You Earth Boy Return To Sender Because Of Love Thanks To The Rolling Sea Song Of The Shrimp The Walls Have Ears We’re Coming In Loaded New Bonus Songs Mama Plantation Rock End Title: Dainty Little Moonbeams/Girls! Girls! Girls! Outtakes A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (takes 1, 2) Mama (takes 1, 2, 3, 4) Thanks To The Rolling Sea (take 3) Where Do You Come From (take 13) Earth Boy (movie version-splice of take 2 & 4) We’ll Be Together (takes 8,10) Mama (takes 5, 6, 7, 8) I Don’t Wanna Be Tied (movie version-take 8 & take 10 intro) A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (takes 3, 4) Thanks To The Rolling Sea (take 10) Plantation Rock (take 17 & insert) Mama (take 9) Mama (The Amigos) Mama (instrumental) Mama (1970 Let’s Be Friends album version) Pot Luck CD 1: Original Album Kiss Me Quick Just For Old Time Sake Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Such An) Easy Question Steppin’ Out Of Line I’m Yours Something Blue Suspicion I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever Night Rider Fountain Of Love That’s Someone You Never Forget Singles She’s Not You Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello You’ll Be Gone Bonus Songs For The Millionth And The Last Time I Met Her Today First Takes Kiss Me Quick (take 1) Just For Old Time Sake (take 1) Gonna Get Back Somehow (take 1) (Such An) Easy Question (take 2) I’m Yours (take 1) Something Blue (take 1*) Suspicion (take 1*) I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever (take 1) Night Rider (take 1) Fountain Of Love (takes 1, 2) That’s Someone You Never Forget (take 1) She’s Not You (take 1) Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (take 1) You’ll Be Gone (take 1) For The Millionth And The Last Time (take 1) I Met Her Today (take 1) CD 2: March 1962 Session Something Blue (take 2) Something Blue (takes 3, 4) Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (take 2) Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (takes 3*, 5) (Such An) Easy Question (takes 1, 3) Fountain Of Love (takes 4*, 9*) Just For Old Time Sake (takes 2*, 3, 4) Night Rider (takes 2, 3) Night Rider (take 5) You’ll Be Gone (take 2) You’ll Be Gone (take 4) I Feel That I’ve Know You Forever (takes 4*, 3) Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (take 2) Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (take 4) Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (take 5) Suspicion (takes 3*, 2) She’s Not You (take 2*, WP take 4) October 1961 Session For The Millionth And The last Time (takes 10*, 7*) I Met Her Today (take 4) I Met Her Today (takes 8, 9) I Met Her Today (take 16) Night Rider (takes 1-FS, 2) June 1961 Session Kiss Me Quick (take 4) I’m Yours (take 2) I’m Yours (take 4) I’m Yours (take 5) That’s Someone You Never Forget (take 5) That’s Someone You Never Forget (take 7) You can now pre-order both titles from ElvisMatters. Surprisingly, 'Elvis The King' is the first album to ever go to No.1 in the German Charts according to Sony BMG.
Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum / Updated: Sep 4, 2007 

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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 7, 2007report abuse
Benny,its just personal oppions,no big deal,one of the reaons im not a big fan of the classic series is i like the regular releases from ftd,id like those even better if they had a booklet,i also feel that girls girls girls offers nothing of interest really,true the tapes are lost,so why not wait to release it after you release all the soundtracks that do have outtakes,i also dont like buying the same outtakes i have,and its even worse when it comes to the movie releases as they often offer very few new outtakes,i still think ftd has some great releases to come,and i hope if they handle On Tour that they do it right,if they must have the classic series then ill take from elvis in memphis,back in memphis,promised land,from ep blvd,and moody blue as my pics of what id like to see released,another aug,70 show,best of the bootlegs set,75 soundboard and oh yes ON TOUR!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Thanks Jery - I will look into doing just that!
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Hi there Jesper and mature_elvis_fan: all three of us gave our point of view. Giving mine does not mean that i disrespect yours! So: i hope " no hard feelings "? We all love Elvis and that's the most important thing, don't you think so? Kind regards to both of you.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Steve V: Once I buy something that collects "everything" in one place that was previously scattered over various FTDs, or replace an older cd with an upgrade I give the others to the local library. They're happy to get them. They're starting to amass a pretty decent Elvis collection thanks to yours truly.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
I may go for Pot Luck since I have the other classic studio FTDs Elvis Is Back and Something For Everybody from the 60's. After that his next studio album was in 1969! It will bother me though to shell out money for the same outtakes I have scattered on other FTD releases and regular BMG CDs & boxsets thru the years. This policy of reissuing the same songs bothers me but I guess if they did the other albums, this one deserves the FTD treatment as well. Will pass on GGG as there doesnt seem to be anything new of interest. Elvis Now a classic album? That should have been a Camden! The songs spanned 3-4 yrs. No continuity at all. Hey Jude is awful.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Benny,i wasnt talking about you personally,i was talking about people in general,although i dont know why i wouldnt care about the sound or not care what they release, should i just be happy to have something released?,which seems to be the view of many fans,people seem happy just to get anything,to me its quality and not quanity that counts,its as though no one wants to rock the boat because if we dont be good boy and girls they will stop the label,theres a kid like feel to the label in my oppion,we all have our oppions and no product is beyond criticism,all ftd products are not given the same effort and id like to know the way why would they release the now album on the classic series,it has a song fom 69 for goodness sake!
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
davrid, you're a shirmp yourself..
artfromtex (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
oh yea, i want a remastered deluxe version of the original MSG album.
artfromtex (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
actually, it'd be cool if they combined "In Person" with "Back In Memphis" and did the double LP "From Memphis To Vegas/Vegas To Memphis" with bonus tracks on each disc.
artfromtex (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
well, we're finally getting "Pot Luck". here's my classic album wish list: How Great Thou Art, Promised Land, From Elvis in Memphis/Back In Memphis (can we get an FTD box set?), Moody Blue, Elvis, Good Times, Now. what am i leaving out?
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Benny, In your 1st post you encourage others to get down on bended knees and thank FTD, and indirectly stop the critic "your sick of" (!) Now, that´s obvious a request to put a muzzle on others and by that suffocating the chance to hear a different point of view on products. We all need positive/negative views in order to decide if these products are worth it´s price. I often dont understand the praise from some here, but I welcome it anyway to get a balanced view.
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Apocryphal tales of Elvis crying, being sick... If you can't see the difference in rtistry between SOTS and OM, you're obviously stone deaf.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2007report abuse
Looking forward for these releases, especially Pot Luck,always been one of my favourites.Glad for the outtakes too. In general: if different outtakes of a song are scattered around on different regular or bootlegs CDs, one can always put them ( in the right order )together by burning your own cd, one can listen how the song was built up and in the end hear the final result. Oh, and by the way Jesper, i'm really not after a job at FTD, simply because i'm happy with what Ernst and co. are doing. As for your remark concerning " freedom of speech and opinion ": look who's talking ! Of course you have the right to give your opinion, but so do i. Seems you have some difficulties with me using the same right to give my point of view. As far as i know i did not mention any names, as mature_ elvis_ fan seems to suggest. My comment wasn't aimed at you personally at all, let that be clear ! Always El
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Please Jerry.., he sang Old McDonald with a lot conviction too..
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Jesper i agree,im glad to have the label,but im not going to say im thankful or act as though these releases are dropped at my door for free,i think they know that many fans will buy whatever is put out there,it amazes me that your called a complainer when you ask all releases to be given the same respect and not just the ones they find the need to bother with,you see my thing might not be a 50's album it might be a lets say a 70's album.i see nothing wrong with giving oppions when done in a proper way,the whole point of the what do they spend all there time on debate,is the fact that i thought they worked only with Elvis material,but it seems as though they do the collectors label as a side project,is this there way of giving us a reason why some releases look and sound rushed? a collectors label that put outs cd;s with no liner notes? when was the last time you bought a collectors style cd and had no liner notes at all? yet they overkill with titles like live in la,what would you rather have a booklet to,1970 ttwii shows or some soundboard cd from 74,were the show is nothing special? Again glad to have the label around,but theres some issues also,and they for the most part get ignored and it seems people are just happy to have a cd,if they choose to put the disc's in a paper style sleeve,would you find fault with that? have fun all!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
He's singing with an awful lot of conviction for someone who supposedly cried when he heard the demos. As with all stories connected with Elvis' supposed dislike of certain things (like certain movie songs) these stories have been told and retold so often that it's hard to know where the truth (if there was any) begins and mythology begins.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Really looking forward to these. 1962 was the year I started with my interest in Elvis. Always loved GGG both as one of the better light movies and, though not the best, still one of the better soundtracks from the 60's (was recorded well also). Just about everything Elvis recorded from 1954 to 1962 is highly regarded by me. Plus we have a great team working on these two. Looks like FTD nailed it this time.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
criticism? I heard Elvis had to cry just listening to the demorecords..
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Never understood the criticism of 'Song of the Shrimp' - this is an excellent calypso plot song, fitting perfectly into the movie. Crawfish is also about fish, so why not the same gall aimed at that? The only thing wrong with it is the title - SOTS is a hundred times better than anything from Harem Scarem or Paradise Hawaiian Style...
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Excuse me. I meant to direct my comments to Jerome.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Really looking forward to these two releases. Glad to have them. Thanks, FTD team. Mature: If you'll read the press release you'll see that everything in the vaults has been collected on this GGG release. Actually, I wish Song of The Shrimp and other missing outtakes had been found. I would rather have them than not. YOU could always hit the skip button.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
No Return To Sender outtakes?? Why not the included the version with the longer fade out??
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
where are the outtakes of 'Song of the shrimp'?? (hope they're destroyed..)
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
With all the suck up and bending over that some practice here, it is easy to see who´s after a job at FTD headquaters, right Benny? ;) And of course, who are we to have the nerve to criticize a product that we pay for?! In China that system works fine, and in former Russia it did too, so maybe it´s time to convert to that system on the internet as well?! After all... -"Freedom of speach and opinion" is a bit antiquated.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
memphisblues: my agreement with Ezz goes for you to ! We three are on the same "soundwave " and i'm sure we are not the only ones.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Ezz : I agree with you ! It's none of our business . We should thank Ernst and the other members of FTD on bended knees for what they gave us in the past years. I'm getting sick of all those critics :" why don't they release this or that"... " " would have been better if.. " " the sound is not good or good enough"... etc.. etc... If some guys think they know it that better, why don't they ask for Ernst's job ? Some people are never satisfied. I do agree that one release is sometimes better than another, but, so what? The main point is that we are able to listen to and hear songs and outtakes sung by our man, and that without FTD a huge amount of material would never had reached our ears. Ernst and all those who made and make FTD possible will always have my support !
memphisblues (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Does it matter what else they work on, there's alway's stuff to be researched and the paper work would sure weigh me down !! Fact is the Guy's get the stuff out to us. I think that they are pulling for Elvis is enough. The old "you can't please all the people all of the time" come's to mind
Ezz (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
Who cares what Rog and Ernst spend their time working on, the real issue is we are still getting FTD`s.
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
I thinks thats fair comments and I Appreciate hearing this news and track-listing. However it certainly leaves me wondering what on earth Ernst & Roger spend so much time working on monday to friday?? at BMG? surely the Sun Set is a FTD production isn't it?? maybe 2008 will surprise Elvis fans - lets hope so!
Martin DJ (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2007report abuse
When Raised On Rock and I Sing All Kinds were announced, with it came a new policy: "We won't give you the tracklisting anymore, because of the angry respones we get" - or words to that effect. Well, they've changed their policy again and provided the tracklisting of the upcoming FTD's.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2007report abuse
Ok some think im a bit harsh on the ftd label and its staff,mainly ersnt,im going to try and be very fair with what i have to say,great that your letting us know what to expect,its always better to commuicate no matter what feedback you might get once you have done so,one of my questions is,besides ftd what do you work on? releases in stores are rare besides the compilations that are not needed anymore,other thing is you have to remember that the sales figures are not what they could be,because you dont let the fans know the products are out there,yes even in this computer aged world we live in some dont know about it,also when it comes to sound every ftd that comes out should have the best possiable sound,not just certain products that some find more important than others,this means all classic albums not just the 50's as well as the movie soundtracks,and the regular ftd releases,also id like to have a choice between a movie soundtrack or classic album and a regular release,we all have differt tastes but lets say this month for instance,id rather seen pot luck come out,even though im not that intersted,others are and that way we could have lets say a soundboard a on tour show(you know i have to mention on tour)after all girls girls girls doesnt offer much new stuff,so in my oppion could have waited,last is the no booklet issue,why do the classic series andm ovie soundtracks feature booklets and the regular digi pack's dont? great shows have been released on the label but they could have been even greater with nice informative booklets with nice pics of the subject matter,ive never heard a real answer on this,and the well every knows the info comment dont work for me. You see i am glad to have the collecotors label,theres just a few gaps that would make this label truely a collectors dream!
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2007report abuse
I understand your work pressure, but thank you for the 2 new FTD releases. And thanks that you're doing this for the Elvis-fans !

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