The Elvis Presley Movie Album - Vol. 1

Elvis One proudly presents The Elvis Presley Movie Album - Vol. 1 – Original Mono Masters

“The Elvis Presley Movie Album” contains 34 masters from Elvis Presley as original released in mono on his albums, ep’s and singles from 1956 to 1962. Many of the later released versions on cd are different to the versions as original released, like the master of “I Want To Break Free” (as appeared on the “Jailhouse Rock” EP), “Dixieland Rock” (as appeared on the “King Creole” EP), the extended master of “Tonight’s All Right For Love” (released on a German vinyl single), the album master of “Didja’ Ever”, and the original mono masters of “A Whistling Tune”, “Home Is Where The Heart Is”, “I Got Lucky” and “King Of The Whole Wide World” (as appeared on the “Kid Galahad” EP). All these songs as original released, including all Elvis’ movie songs released on singles from 1956 to 1962 now for the first time together on one great new cd!


01. Love Me Tender (single master) 2:45 02. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (single master) 1:50 03. Loving You (single master) 2:16 04. Jailhouse Rock (single master) 2:29 05. Treat Me Nice (single master) 2:12 06. I Want To Be Free (ep master) 2:14 07. Lover Doll (ep master) 2:15 08. Dixieland Rock (ep master) 1:36 09. Hard Headed Woman (single master) 1:56 10. G.I. Blues (album master) 2:39 11. Wooden Heart (German single master) 2:03 12. Tonight’s All Right For Love (German single master) 2:11 13. Didja’ Ever (album master) 2:39 14. Flaming Star (ep master) 2:28 15. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (ep master) 2:20 16. Wild In The Country (single master) 1:53 17. Lonely Man (single master) 2:43 18. Can’t Help Falling In Love (single master) 3:03 19. Rock-A-Hula Baby (single master) 1:59 20. Follow That Dream (ep master) 1:37 21. Angel (ep master) 2:39 22. What A Wonderful Life (ep master) 2:27 23. I’m Not The Marrying Kind (ep master) 1:50 24. King Of The Whole Wide World (ep master) 2:09 25. This Is Living (ep master) 1:45 26. Riding The Rainbow (ep master) 1:43 27. Home Is Where The Heart Is (ep master) 1:51 28. I Got Lucky (ep master) 1:55 29. A Whistling Tune (ep master) 2:46 30. Return To Sender (single master) 2:06 31. Where Do You Come From? (single master) 2:07 

32. Didja’ Ever (replaced album master) 2:36 33. Tonight’s All Right For Love (original length master) 1:22 34. Lover Doll (album master) 2:11

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japio (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 15, 2016report abuse
Single masters?????.A few.Also strange why they call tonight so right is the spliced german master.While it was also on the singles from other countrys too. what is the difference from love me tender.single version.

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