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The two concerts at the Mohegan Casino went very well. Paul Leim did a more then excellent job in replacing Ronnie Tutt according to the first reports. The bandmembers felt that the song "It's Over" didn't came across very good so it is now decided to take "It's Over" out of the line up and replace it with the much more powerfull "What Now My Love". There was no new merchandise on sale at the US dates, all new merchandise was allready packed to go to Europe. The crew and band will leave today for the UK where they will have more rehearsals the coming days before heading for Brussels. Rumours are still flying over the internet about TCB Bandmembers not taking part. One more time: the ONLY TCB Bandmember who can not take part is Ronnie Tutt. Ed Hill from The Stamps will not be there because of his recovering. So Glen D. Hardin, Jerry Scheff, James Burton, Myrna Smith, Estelle Brown, Ed Enoch and Joe Guercio all will be at the show. Also note that Ron Feuer (organ) is an original member as he played with Elvis on several Vegas engagements, also note that Walt Johnson (trumpet) is an original member of the Joe Guercio Orchestra that toured with Elvis. As of today there are still tickets left for Brussels, and only a few for Rotterdam!
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jeanette1964 (profilecontact) wrote on May 10, 2005report abuse
i went to the the MEN arena on sunday it was my second time and it was just as fantastic has the first time round. james burton was brilliant. elvis even though he was not there in person looked gorgeous on screen. the fans were brilliant we were on the front row and in the second part of the show some of the fans got up and were dancing. it was a brilliant night. but i am not sure if we will see them again i hope so i will be first in line for tickets lol.
Lincs_Lady (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2005report abuse
Sheffield Arena - Uk - 30/04/2005. Just returned from this near sell-out show. Capacity was 10000 and seats taken (courtesty of box office staff) 7,560! Well done all you loyal fans... It was my first show, so I was quite excited by dressing up of both young and old fans, that helped create a true concert like atmosphere; albeit for the impersonators whom rather than support the KING, seemingly mock him... but thats my opinion.,..
When the lights went down and the show began. I was dumbstruck by the fantastic sound system. The man at the mixer got everything right. Elvis's voice was 'tuned' so that he appeared to be singing just for me, aimed at me.lo (maybe not...)
I was excited to see the original band members. Those that appeared at this show were Glen Hardin, Jerry Scheff, Joe Guercio, James Burton,Myrna Smith, Estelle Brown, Ed Enoch,Ron Feuer and Walt Johnson.
The replacement drummer for Ronnie Tutt was a match for his mentor - for sure. The Inspirations were fantastic too, especially their solo rendition of their 70's show opener, "Sweet Inspiration", incidently, where is the forth Inspiration? The Imperials (or whats left of them) duly catered for the harmonies. Glen Hardin was simply the best! His fingers did the talkin' all night long. He was full of smiles and enthusiasm all way thru'. The 'king' of guitar pickin' - Mr James Burton is now a star in his own right anyway, but I still got the feelin' the whole crowd/atmosphere brought on the memeries from years gone by... His solo of Jonny B Goode was immaculate!(My foot was a tappin' thru that one, I tell you for Jerry Scheff was a keen player, though looking very tired, he too played superb.
Oh yes... one more other person... The man himself..... A W E S O M E !!!!! The screen suited him just fine. He commanded the performance and the syncronisationwas spot on... The clips used for the show are taken from the recently remastered Aloha and 68 Shows, with snippets of On Tour in there too... As I said earlier... sound was stunning to the visual...
I for one enjoyed all of the songs but my favourite had to be The Wonder Of You and Suspicious Minds, which got the fans dancing and scarf waving... though I liked Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel, Polk Salad Annie...... whoops sorry...
The show was in two parts and i think, on balance, the latter part was the best, though probably only because of the crowd participation, that stepped up a gear in their vocal support. All in all, Sheffield staged a great event. Crowd control, parking, management was a great success...
The downside..... as usual EPE's merchandise was well overpriced... for example the match programme, 7 or 8 pages worth, £10. Cheapest T-shirt £15.00 Elvis sunglasses £10.00.... amazingly there must still be a market for it, because at the interval most of the stock had gone, even the pink teddies at £27.00!! But outside, the touts were there selling fake t-shirts, posters, dvd's and books, for as little as £1.50!!
A great night, though £4 for a mini hotdog, left a taste in my mouth... The whole event made up for that!! Well done to all the fans who came and supported this great show, the fantastic loyalty and professionalism those band members shown and more importantly, well done ELVIS for showing this little girl what the fuss was all about back then.... He is and remains, "The King" TCB
loiacvi1 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 25, 2005report abuse
Paul Leim did indeed do a great job at Mohegan CT. This was the first time I saw the Concert. I was quite impressed with the show, specifically synchronizing the Elvis vocal track with the band. I found it difficult to applaud after a song with Elvis not being there. It seemed the rest of the audience felt the same as there was a second or 2 delay to applaud, whereas with live Elvis, one would applaud before the song was over. With all due respect to the TCB band members, my only criticism is that the sound has been modernized. I was hoping the band would have preserved the 70s sound (i.e. less modern effects on the instruments, more wah on the guitar, etc). All criticisms aside, it is great to see a few Elvis associates remaining that are working hard to keep the good memories of Elvis alive. Cheers
Only Elvis (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 25, 2005report abuse
I am going to the MEN arena to see Elvis the concert on May 8th and I CAN'T WAIT! I am such a big Elvis fan and as he passed away 17 days before I was born this will be my first chance to ever see him in concert! My husband says I will either go totally crazy or cry my eyes out probably both! I absolutely cannot wait til May 8th. I am so excited! Hope we all have a great time! ;)
Antjie (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 23, 2005report abuse
I'm so excited! My friend and I are coming from South Africa to see the concert on 5 & 6 May in London - can't wait. We've decided It's now or never, because by the time the show comes to Africa, (yeah right) we may have to watch everybody getting on stage in wheel chairs. ;-)
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 23, 2005report abuse
Around the time of the first concert I remember reading that Kathy had been asked to take part in the concert, but was unable to due to other commitments. Have a great time everyone, I wish I were going!
judy presley (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 23, 2005report abuse
Kilburn Tony/Teacher - thanks for this info, which I'm very sorry to hear. Glynalone - Charlie might be redundant, but it would be great to see him anyway and fantastic, as you say, to see and hear Kathy!
rik (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
well i'll be there in rotterdam. row 7 seat 12, i'm curious too 'bout paul leim. in a dutch drummersmagazine ("de slagwerkkrant") is an interview with him. he played/ plays with trisha yearwood, tom jones , dolly parton and... star wars! talking about a space odyssey! let's have fun next wednesday!
glynalone (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
Charlie would be a bit redundant with his supply of Gatorade and scarves. Personally I'd love to see Kathy Westmoreland on the show, hearing her sing My Heavenly Father sends a shiver down my spine. Did her "kiss and tell" book rule her out from the start?
Teacher (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
John Wilkinson suffered a severe stroke in 1989 and his left arm is paralyzed. He is no longer able to play the guitar.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
Judy, as far as I am aware, health problems stop John Wilkinson from appearing on "Elvis -The Concert". It's a shame, it would be great to see him back with the band.
elvislady (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
hi lincs_lady you will love the show if it is your first time. you wont want it to end it is just fantastic. i am customising my jeans has we speak eveyone turns out in all sorts of out fits its a brill night!
Lincs_Lady (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
Hallam FM Arena (Sheffield) Sat 30th Apr 2005, I understand they're still tickets available. I will be travellin' from North Lincs to the show with my son,so if anyone is stuck for transport to and from, then please let me know and I may be able to accommodate. (Max of 3 only - sorry. Hurry though, as time is running out...!! Can't wait to see this show, heard so much about it!! Just hope everyone that is supposed to appear actually appears.(Yes, I read these snippets too!!-lol)
judy presley (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
Like everyone else I'm really looking forward to the concert, which falls the day after my birthday (great present) and taking my daughter and ex-husband to experience what I did back in 2003. I thought they might have done something special for Elvis 70th year, such as including Charlie Hodge or John Wilkinson in the line-up - does anyone know why John never takes part?
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
I cried too last time after Wembley so ended up persuading my Dad to take me the following weekend to Docklands.Just can't wait til next Friday, am so excited!
Priscilla (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
I am looking forward to going to the show in Birmingham and i know everyone will be excited i am only having a laugh with my sister.She is giving me the countdown to how long it is before we go everytime i speak to her which is very often. she does it to the minute aswell. everyone who is going to Birmingham show, see you all there!
Tina (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
I'm going to the London show on 6th May and just can't wait, I'm that excited! It'll be my 2nd time. The first time was just awesome, I cried all the way home cos I didn't want it to end!
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
I am looking forward to the concert. I will be going to Birmingham with my partner and 2 sons.See you there
Louie (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 22, 2005report abuse
Iwas at the concert at moehegan sun and ronnie tutt sounded better than ever.
mickile (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
I was at the concert at Mohegan Sun in CT on April 16 and it was absolutely fantastic! Ronnie Tutt was indeed there and he was fantastic - as was James, Glen and everyone else. I was overcome with joy and some tears being that this was my first time ever at an Elvis concert. Awesome!
elvislady (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
i will be at the MEN! arena on the 8 may. it will be the second time me and my sister have been. it is a fantastic show if it is your first time you wont want it to end. my sister is the same pricilla, she really goes all out and enjoys it but that is what its all about enjoying elvis experiance. oh and we are on the front row seats to so i am really excited.
Yvonne (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
Although I think that "What Now My Love" wil be a wonderful song to hear next Wednesday in Rotterdam, I'm sorry that they won't be doing "It's Over", because it's one of my favorit Elvis songs. But still, I hardly can't wait to see the Concert again!
Frans67 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
I'm going with my brother Ronald next week to the Rotterdam Concert ; which should be a packed house that night! I'm curious for the 'new' drummer; but i think it will be a blast anyhow! Can't wait! C U in Ahoy !
MichelleKing (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
Hello, iam going to the concert on the 2nd of May at the secc - Glasgow! I just cant wait, this will be my 5th time, I just cant get enough. I love the opening of the concert, you feel - for a split second that Elvis could be there, I just love that feeling! Hope you all have a great time at the concerts, i know i without a doubt will!!
Tigerman-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
Anyone know how ticket sales are doing for the London shows? I'm going on the 5th with a couple of mates.
Priscilla (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
I will be going to Birmingham on 29th April along with my sister Elvisgirl!It is my first time and i have been told that my sister who is going for her 3rd time goes absolutely you will know where we are sitting!
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
I'll be in Bruxelles next 26 do April, i hope it will end up beeing a sold out concert, with a good crowd, since is the oppening os the Tour. Replacing "It's Over" with "What now my love", will make the line up much stronger.
TCB for all, and hope to see you in Bruxelles.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
This might be old news to some fans, but on last nights Central News (West Midlands), they were giving away 5 tickets for the Elvis Concert at the NEC, however what was interesting is that they showed you a good 30 seconds of a previous show, and it has been professionally filmed by somebody. It looked great on TV. See you there Elvis Girl !
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
see you there then Jim!
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
I'll be there Birmingham NEC!
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
Will be there next Friday 29th... can't wait!
caseyiodine (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2005report abuse
Ronnie Tutt was the drummer for both shows at Mohegan Sun. I was there, so I know. The shows went very well, and I didn't see an empty seat in the house.

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