The Complete Guide To The Music Of Elvis

Omnibus Press will release a book titled "The Complete Guide To The Music of Elvis" in September 2004. The book is written by John Robertson and contains 96 pages. Here is the text from the publisher: "This classic guide to the music of Elvis Presley is sure to please fans that will celebrate Elvis' 70th birthday on January 8, 2005. In fact, the festivities will begin before the King's birthday and will last all year with special events across the United States. Special celebrations at Graceland and across Memphis have been planned, with most events already sold out. Written by a rock 'n roll expert, this complete guide examines every song in Elvis' recorded repertoire, making it an invaluable guide for record collectors and fans alike." (ISBN: 1844497119)
Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: Aug 11, 2004 
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doctor (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2004report abuse
p.t. barnum once said that he didn't care what the newspapers said, as long as they printed his name right. i believe col. parker said something to this effect as well.wether or not you agree with whatever is put out there about elvis, the simple fact is that these books and whatnot actually help keep Joe Public interested in elvis. it's all good publicity.don't worry, people, just be happy that 27 years after he left the building for the last time, our man elvis is still so totally relevant in 2004 and beyond. in the ned ... it's simply about music and soul, something elvis had enough of to light up this planet twice over. (:
Archie (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2004report abuse
I agree with Lou, how can a Complete Guide to Elvis music takes up only 96 pages.
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2004report abuse
Personally, I am not too crazy about these books by "experts". These so-called experts are usually nothing more than educated fools. Take that book by the expert of experts, the King of the Elvis experts, Jorgensen's book on Elvis' recordings. To me it ruins all the Elvis recordings for me. All Jorgensen does is get tiny sound bites, innuendo, rumours, and ad hoc tidbits to define Elvis' recordings. Give me a break. To me it diminishes and destroys Elvis' records. Was it Nietsche who said that when you define me, you destroy me? It takes away all the magic and mystery for me. Plus you get these educated fools, these "experts", who usually know less about Elvis than my pet turtle, Charlie. These experts are just deluded and conceited fools. Also, most of Elvis' songs were covers of other records so why do we need this book? Elvis liked every kind of music and he sang it. How does a book by an "expert" help us to understand Elvis' music? I don't get it.
This book will only add more confusion and take away a lot of the magic of Elvis' records. Do we really need more of these experts? After all, wasn't it the "experts" that said that Elvis had no talent and just stole offa black people. Also, wasn't it the experts who told us that Elvis would not last beyond 1956? I say to heck with these experts! They should all hang out with Milli Vanilli and MC Hammer. This is just my opinion.
What has kept the music and legacy of Elvis alive is NOT these idiotic experts, but Elvis fans. The experts know where they can shove it.
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2004report abuse
This sounds interesting, since it's always fun to read what others think about various Elvis songs and LP's. Some of one person's favorites might be on someone else's "worst list". But I would guess that such a book would be longer than 96 pages- there's a lot of music to discuss. Perhaps that's a typo.

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