The Civic Center In Baltimore To Be Demolished

Rather than face a huge refurbishment bill, the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, which was known as the Civic Center when Elvis played there, may be demolished. The stadium was built in 1962 and has played host to the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Miss USA and Christina Aguilera throughout its 45 year history. On May 29, 1977 Elvis Presley played the Civic Center, in what was a troubled tour for the singer. Critics were far from kind during this tour, which was marred by health problems, the upcoming publication of Elvis: What Happened and legal wranglings involving Presley Center Courts and a lawsuit brought on by a fan that claimed that Elvis broke her ankle during a karate demonstration. During his Baltimore performance, which was less than twelve weeks before his death, Elvis left the stage for 30 minutes due to ill health and critics or the audience who failed to give him an ovation did not appreciate performance. It was hoped that a bid for the 2012 Olympics, might provide the estimated $162 million funding to build a new complex rather than spending $60 million just to refurbish the venue. So talks continue on its future. The Toledo Sports Arenato will be demolished too. When the Toledo Sports Arena meets the wrecking ball, tens of thousands of concert memories will go up in dust. Elvis Presley played there. So did Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Young Jeezy, Johnny Cash, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Rock, Bob Seger, and countless other acts over the years. The Blade is collecting anecdotes and stories from people who attended shows at the old hockey arena along the Maumee River, looking for favorite musical moments and concert experiences to include in a future story. If you have anything you’d like to share, send an e-mail to or call 419-724-6159 and leave a message. Be sure to provide a daytime phone number.
Source: Various / Updated: May 15, 2007 
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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2007report abuse
True and i would hope that he would still not be in vegas playing for the dinner crowd!
stanton (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2007report abuse
To be honest, I guess, if Elvis was still able to be with us and sing for us he`d be glad to have some new arenas with the newest modern technics himself.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on May 15, 2007report abuse
tear it down its a dump anyways i seen better rat infested apartments in my town lol

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