The Best Selling Elvis Books Of 2007

According to Elvis Matters, the best selling Elvis book of the year is "The Gospel Side of Elvis" by Joe Moscheo. Last week, the hardcover book with preface by Priscilla, hit the 60,000 mark, and more orders are coming in every day. The publisher expects to sell 100,000 copies before the year is over. While sales figures are not currently available, ElvisBookResearch informed the E.I.N. site that two other Elvis books selling well are Sonny West's "Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business" and Alfred Wertheimer's "Elvis At 21: From New York To Memphis".
Source: Various / Updated: Sep 26, 2007 

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Robban (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 27, 2007report abuse
I´ve just read Me & a Guy Named Elvis by Jerry Schilling and I can strongly recommend it. I wish they made a movie from this book.
Bill E. Burk (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 27, 2007report abuse
I highly respect Elvis Book Research. They've done a super job of tracking Elvis books for years. That said, I can only judge Elvis book sales by our own 22-year-old ELVIS WORLD Shoppers Service and, to date in 2007, our three top Elvis book sellers have been, in order: (1) Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business;(2) Elvis, Linda & Me <by Jeanne LeMay Dumas, the hardcover, A-4, edition>; and (3) The Gospel Side of Elvis. All 3 trail the sales of the 2006 release of Me & a Guy Named Elvis. And, overall for the past 22 years, Elvis book sales, since about the Year 2000, are off a good 50 to 60% below previous years. I think the Elvis world is now anxiously awaiting the tell-all book being planned by the Baptist Hospital nurse who fed Lisa Marie her first bottle of milk in February 1968 !!

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