The Artist Collection Commercial

BMG added the commercial of the "Artist Collection" CD series to the series website. Click on the link below to watch the commercial, which also features the Elvis CD in this series.
Source: The Artist Collection / Updated: Oct 25, 2004 
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Abidaslam1 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
Mofoca, that is the stuff that would end a legend. Why would Elvis perform with these third rate artists. When did Johnny Cash duet with the likes of Eminem? Elvis would probably shhot the TV out if he saw some of the permormers you mention.
leconnaway (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 25, 2004report abuse
I could actually draw that so I'm not impressed at all, and I am no artist. Bad, just bad.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 25, 2004report abuse
is this gonna be a cd release in america and if so i hope they dont use that picture of elvis cuz man thatll make him look ridiculous. they should use a picture of elvis in the recording studio like maybe the picture of elvis in the back cover of the book inside the today , tommorow, and forever collection. cuz afterall elvis was a recording artist and he did much of his best stuff in the recording studio till he got bored with the same old music. he wanted to do something different. if he were alive 2day i believe he wouldve been doing something like johnny cash did b4 he passed away. imagine an elvis and eminem duet or elvis and maroon 5 or elvis with lisa or elvis with enrique iglasis. man that would be stuff that gives birth to legends

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