The American Way Released

The first volume of the import series "The American Way" from the producers of "American Crown Jewels" and "Finding The Way Home" has been released. Volume one, "The Hits", focuses on the hit singles, pulled from the American Studio sessions. Track listing In The Ghetto / the session [01-21- 69] Suspicious Minds / the session [01-23-69] Kentucky Rain / the session [02-19-69] Rubberneckin' / take 1 [01-21-69] *** Don't Cry Daddy / undubbed M [01-15-69] Mama Liked The Roses / undubbed M [01-15-69]
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boris (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 1, 2007report abuse
This CD is just amazing! It's a treat and it should have FTD's label on... An absolute classic! Can't wait to get the next one...
John R (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 17, 2006report abuse
its mono but still great sound quality - looking forward to future volumes - has great booklet and notes
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2006report abuse
just had my copy from 'nowdig this' and was blown-away! it makes all previous imports obsolete (finding the way home or american crown jewles), the sound quality and tracks were a real treat, it was like elvis was in my living room when playing the songs, the stand out tracks were the undubbed acetates at the end of the cd album! mama liked the roses was real moving and more enjoyable undubbed. elvis' voice was beatuful and mature. all in all, a must have cd and cannot wait for the next volume to be released!! (to think that their is 4 more cds to come out is to good to be true), i also liked the cd cover and full clour 16 page booklet you get. its hard to distinguish this album from an official album (get your act together rca..obtain a copy if its possible and then play it every day..its so enjoyable.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 2, 2006report abuse
"Santa," I don't know why you think this release is any worse because it's on an import label. How do we know that they aren't from the actual tapes? Nothing would surprise me and I'm betting the sound is terrific. After you get it (mine should be here any day now), you should enjoy the high-quality that has been delivered, from the artwork to the booklet. If my hunch is right, it will match anything that BMG puts out. And who's to say they don't "wink and nod" at a release like this one? After all, FTD has been a great label for hard-core fans and why you put down the great effort Ken Sharp put into "Writing for the King" is beyond me. Have you even gotten it yet? Or are you another person criticizing before you even have it? My thoughts about the state of the main RCA label are probably known by now, but FTD and the import world are doing a knock-out job. Kudos to them both and I look forward to this one, big time!
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
I think it`s a good idea. It should be the definite last and best and most comprehensive attempt to get all the known American Sound material on CD in chronological order. Also soundwise this series should be great....nothing new though.. anyway...great..
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
I like the cover. Although it's a well know picture on Elvis, it looks like an old vinyl. How 'bout the sound? What does the *** means on Ruberneckin'?
Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Well MR61. They can't release stuff like that because they are busy working out CDs with re-re-re-releases, worthless 'you'll hear them only one time' demo-recording cds and senseless compilations like the one included in the new FTD book. And 10.000 christmas CDs in 11.000 different cover-versions are more important than the American sessions. Re-re-re-releases and sweating impersonators. What a bright future.
MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
Go on bmg why dont you release them all in abox set you know it will sell loads. I believe this one of five

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