The American Music Heritage

On this new 3CD set (release date: February 20), Bruno Blum has compiled original Elvis recordings from the period 1954-1958 together with original versions of the titles which Elvis chose; the result – according to the liner notes - is a comparative retrospective which allows a better appreciation of his immense contribution to an American music hybrid which conquered the world.

Other artists featured include : Arthur Crudup, Leon Payne & The Lone Star Buddies, Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, Billy Eckstine, Jimmy Wakely, Patti Page, The Shelton Brothers, Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris, Kokomo Arnold, Johnnie Lee Wills, Arthur Gunter, Little Junior Parker, Ray Charles, Clyde Mcphatter & The Drifters, Hal Singer, Carl Perkins, Slim And Slam, Little Richard, Lloyd Price, Big Joe Turner, Big Mama Thornton, etc.

Track Listing for Elvis Presley & The American Music Heritage (3CD)


1. That's all right - Arthur crudup

2. That's all right -Elvis Presley

3. I love you because - Leon payne and the lone star buddies

4. I love you because - Elvis Presley

5. Blue moon of kentucky - Bill monroe

6. Blue moon of kentucky - Elvis Presley

7. Blue moon - Billy eckstine

8. Blue moon - Elvis Presley

9. I ll never let you go - Jimmy wakely

10. I ll never let you go - Elvis Presley

11. I don t care if the sun don t shine - Patti Page

12. I don t care if the sun don t shine - Elvis Presley

13. Just because - Shelton Brothers

14. Just because - Elvis Presley

15. Good rockin tonight -Roy Brown

16. Good rockin tonight - Harris wynonie

17. Good rockin tonight - Elvis Presley

18. Milkcow blues - Arnold kokomo

19. Milkcow blues - Johnny lee wills

20. Milkcow blues boogie - Elvis Presley

21. You're a heartbreaker - Elvis Presley


1. Baby let s play house -Arthur gunter

2. Baby let s play house - Elvis Presley

3. I m left you re right she s gone - Elvis Presley

4. I forgot to remember to forget - Elvis Presley

5. Mystery train -Little parker junior

6. Mystery train -Elvis Presley

7. Tryin to get to you - The eagles

8. Tryin to get to you - Elvis Presley

9. I got a woman - Ray charles

10. I got a woman - Elvis Presley

11. Heartbreak hotel - Elvis Presley

12. Money honey - The drifters

13. Money honey - Elvis Presley

14. I m counting on you - Elvis Presley

15. I was the one - Elvis Presley

16. Rock around the clock - Hal singer

17. Blue suede shoes - Carl perkins

18. Blue suede shoes - Elvis Presley

19. My baby left me - Arthur crudup

20. My baby left me - Elvis Presley

21. One sided love affair - Elvis Presley

22. So glad you re mine - Arthur crudup

23. So glad you re mine - Elvis Presley


1. Tutti frutti - Slim and slam

2. Tutti frutti - Little richard

3. Tutti frutti - Elvis Presley

4. Lawdy miss clawdy - Lloyd price

5. Lawdy miss clawdy - Elvis Presley

6. Shake rattle and roll - Big joe turner

7. Shake rattle and roll - Elvis Presley

8. I want you i need you i love you - Elvis Presley

9. Hound dog - Big mama thornton

10. Hound dog - Freddie bell and the bellboys

11. Hound dog - Elvis Presley

12. Don t be cruel - Elvis Presley

13. Any way you want me (that s how i will be) - Elvis Presley

14. We're gonna move - Elvis Presley

15. Aura lea - The shelton brothers

16. Love me tender - Elvis Presley

17. Poor boy - Elvis Presley

18. Playing for keeps - Elvis Presley

19. Love me - Elvis Presley

20. Paralyzed - Elvis Presley

21. How s the world treating you - Elvis Presley

22. When my blue moon turns to gold again - Elvis Presley

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Grosguelle (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2012report abuse
Nothing new, right ? Why cover with EP on stage while all songs are studio versions. Or not ?
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2012report abuse
This concept has been done a couple of times before.

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