That's the Way It Will Be in Europe

In Europe the Video/DVD release of "That's The Way It Is" will not be until September, because the movie is having international release in cinemas. This kicks off in London at Warner West End with a star-studded gala premiere on March 14th, followed by UK nationwide release on March 16th. (In the UK alone it is calculated that up to 2 million cinema goers will have the opportunity to view the movie, where as a video release might only attract 10,000 sales.) Screenings in Holland, Belgium and Germany are expected to commence early April. Film exhibitors would not agree to a nationwide screening if video product was already in the shops. In real terms such a promotion - the first in 25 years, has to be good for Elvis and his legacy. A single, "The Wonder of You" supported by video footage is slated for release at the same time. By having both the virtual concert and the movie playing at the same time, Elvis really will be in everyone's face. It's a pity that this cannot be done in the USA, but then again, Elvis's fan following has always been stronger in Europe.
Source: Todd Slaughter / Updated: Dec 16, 2000 

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