TCB Band In The Netherlands

Thursday the TCB band will perform in The Netherlands in the Paradiso Venue with some well known Dutch artists on January 8th. Several newspapers will feature articles on this event, and a large interview with the band will be published in the "Aloha" (what's in a name) popmagazine. (The event is close to selling-out, so you better put on your blue suede shoes and hurry if you want to join the party.)
Source: Luyken / Updated: Jan 6, 2004 
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TCB fan (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2004report abuse
Well Tupelo!, I was to late. Tickets were sold out
Tupelo (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2004report abuse
Then see you thursday TCB!
TCB fan (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2004report abuse
I'm buying my ticket tomorrow!

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