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The cover of the previously announced Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash, a book by FTD/ Flaming Star written by David English, Pal Granlund and Paul Richardson, has slightly changed. This seems to be the final look.

Update May 31:

The CD will contain 3 unreleased alternative takes from TTWII recordings, 2 mono singles for first time on CD and the Portland show (11/11, remastered audience recording).

Source: Various / Updated: May 31, 2016 

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circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 4, 2016report abuse
I prefer the first version of the cover too
VivaLasDavies (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2016report abuse
The show was recorded on soundboard according to the Keith Flynn site. I've seen it described as a remastered AUDIO recording in the ads so maybe some confusion there - I'd be surprised if it was an audience recording. If it turns out to be, I agree, it has no place in this book.
Mike Johnson (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2016report abuse
So is FTD is becoming an official bootlegger? Why in the h****would they release an audience recording for such much money? I mean, the book is nice i think but the music is all that matters. Sure they released Pittsburgh 1976 but that was for "historical reasons".

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