Tablecloth On Display

The museum Sincerely Elvis across the street from Graceland has expanded a little bit. Along the new items on display is the tablecloth that Colonel Parker wrote the agreement with the International Hotel in Las Vegas on in July 1969. The contract guarantees Elvis $ 1.000.000 a year for two engagements (8 weeks) per year.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: May 11, 2004 
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Christopher Brown (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2004report abuse
Can you believe that Colonel Parker let Elvis do show after show after show, twice a night, for less than $9,000 each? A million dollars SOUNDS great, but when you figure the 'work' Elvis had to do, he got the short end again.
Doing one show a night in a 10,000 seat arena would have given Elvis at LEAST, say, $50,000 -- and many arenas he would play in were well over 10,000. What a waste of effort Las Vegas must have really been. And how mind-numbing it must have been over time. At least the concert trail gave him almost a full audience that wanted to see him (I'm sure a few husbands, or wives, got dragged along)

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