Sur La Route d'Elvis

It's a brand new book, in its first edition so it was released just last week. The author Patrick Mahé has written about 15 books of which a novel called : "Memphis Blues". He is writer in different French magazines as "Première" - a movie magazine and others. "Sur la route d'Elvis" isn't a bio as we generally consider it but, rather an atmosphere discribing Elvis story with about 75 very little chapters (2 or 3 pages) which are talking about all the subjects concerning Elvis from his birth in Tupelo, his arrival at Sun Studios, his first interview with Dewey Philips.... until the end. Every event is a chapter. This is also related to all the last news as the fact of America The Beautiful released in October 2001 for the victims of September 11 in a limited edition.... Some subjects less known as Elvis in Paris, The paintings of Andy Warhol, his impact on some French singers especially Johnny Halliday are described too. There are about 70 pictures most of them in color. You can buy this book at
Source: Catherine Monteiro Da Silva / Updated: Jun 13, 2002 
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