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Elvis Presley's "(let Me Be Your) Teddybear" reissue single is the highest new entry at #14 this week on the UK Singles chart. Last weeks release "Hound Dog" drops from #14 to #65 and "Suspicious Minds" falls from 46 to #72. On the UK Album chart "The King" compilation drops from #4 to #10. The major problem for Elvis are 'downloads' and 'airplay' or lack of them. So far in this campaign not one of the singles has got into the Top 200 Download Charts. Therefor the singles did not reach a higher spot on the chart. The Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles And Albums calculates weekly chart points for positions 1 through to 75. As of today, Elvis has 1290 weeks on the Singles Chart. "Suspicious Minds" is now in its 4th week; "Blue Suede Shoes", "Hound Dog" and "My Baby Left Me" each had a 2 week run and "Teddy Bear" has so far got 1 week. This puts Elvis some 2 years 19 weeks ahead of Sir Cliff Richard his nearest rival. The Beatles have 456 weeks on the Singles Chart. On the Irish Singles chart "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" is a new entry at #24; the highest new entry this week. "Suspicious Minds" drops from #33 to #44. On the Irish Album chart "The King" drops from #5 to #10. The "Aloha" Special is a re-entry at #9 on the Music DVD Top 10. In Dutch charts "Hound Dog" is a new entry at #85, "Suspicious Minds" drops from #49 to #73. On the Dutch Album Top 100 "The Dutch Collection" drops to #2. On the Dutch Back Catalogue Top 50 "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" drops fro, #12 to #28. On the Dutch Free Record Shop Music DVD Top 20 volume 1 of "The Definitive Collection" climbs from #15 to #9 whuile volume 2 remains steady at #10. On their Album Top 20 "The Dutch Collection" drops from #12 to #13. Down under in Australia "The King" drops from #6 to #8 on the Album chart. On the Australian DVD Top 40 the "'68 Comeback Special" drops from #3 to #5 while the "Aloha" special drops from #2 to #8.
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ttwiise (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2007report abuse
The 10 inch singles are £4.99 buy 2 and you can have 50 hits on THE KInG cd. Thats why we`re not buying it. I agree with all the previous comment . We need another ALLC, I say Let yourself go from the 68 special remixed!!!
Keriaboo (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2007report abuse
Finally Elvis fans who speak the truth. I agree with just about all the comments. Most fans are bored buying re-hashed ideas like the 18 re-issued singles. Lisa should never have sold off so much of EPE as it's quite clear BMG are just ripping us off. ALLC was an inspiration and ok Rubberneckin' was not as good but it still got non-fans buying it. And this is what we want. Elvis got many non-fans buying when he was alive. The current BMG strategy is brainless. Would it kill to have a remix or duet album? What about the remix of Burning Love last year - where was that? It never saw the light of day. A bit of originality would help rejuvinate the King. It's like we are in the 21st sentury version of the moivie years with boredom setting in. The new singles still pack out the shops, yet a couple of years ago you couldn't get them for love nor money. BMG we are BORED BORED BORED BORED!!! Can you get it? I won't buy this crap anymore. I want the King back on top but not at this cost.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2007report abuse
Various reasons for lower sales compared with last time:-
1) The previous set was a more historical set ie 18 Number 1 singles, so there was an element of Joe Public also buying.
2) BMG gave the campaign more publicity - Radio Stations were offering sets as prizes
3) As mentioned, downloads contribute to sales now, so current stuff will sell more than Elvis
4) Joe Public will probably get the majority of the material on Elvis The King
5) Many fans I know have not bothered with the vinyl release this time. I know several who were disappointed last time when the 10" discs did NOT have picture sleeves.

Apart from A Little Less Conversation and Rubberneckin, Elvis' singles in the last 10 years have averaged around 17500 units. I think it would be fair to say that it is the same number of fans that are buying these singles each week. As for there being more stuck in the shops, this is simply because of more discs being manufactured. Remember on the previous set, I think the pressing runs were 20,000 max on CDs and 10,000 on vinyl. I think BMG have increased output on the new set by 75%.

I think as already mentioned, the only chance we have of getting Elvis another Top 10 entry, is with In The Ghetto. If there is a focused effort on buying all versions including the download (it's only 79p) then there is a chance. However, I find it really sad, and I think this is the type of thing picked up by the media, is that the only way Elvis can get into the charts these daus is via the same legion of fans buying re-issued records just to get him in the charts. Don't get me wrong, it's great to see Elvis in the charts, but it's for the wrong reasons. If BMG were to release a great track which Joe Public were not aware of, and it sold purely on the merits of being a good song, then I would be truly happy again.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2007report abuse
Anyone interested in helping Elvis have a major chart success with one of these singles, please focus on In The Ghetto. Buy the single in week of release (there is leakage in later weeks on all the singles.) If you know of anyone who bought the last set but has not bought this set, encourage them to buy In The Ghetto. Email radio stations and other media in the week before release of ITG and request the song. If you have friends or family who are Elvis fans but not buying the single, get them In The Ghetto as an early Christmas present. If you are involved in other Elvis fora encourage others to buy In The Ghetto.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2007report abuse
As of today (10th September, 2007), the UK Singles Box (both formats combined) has sold 13000 units and 'Suspicious Minds' single has sold 20,000 units.
ger (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2007report abuse
Iam not buying them because I don't like being riped off at 3.99 for the Elvis singles non Elvis singles 1.99 - 2.99
miked (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2007report abuse
You have a point, although I have said earlier in another forum on the singles theme that this time around there hasnt been nearly as much publicity of the singles or box set.....some of the larger conorbations, London I believe may have had some Tube wallposters advertising, but there has been little else. Even when the 30th came about there was a lot of talk of that on Tv, plenty of "the King" cd, but nothing of the singles. I think its a pity cos it would have given us that little fillup to have been able to greet this year with another No.1 single but I dont think it'll come....unless one of the latter releases, both in the series and from the 70's selection hits accord with someone and gets some sort of advertising boost...lets hope.
loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2007report abuse
I'm not so sure that the problem is only download sales and lack of airplay. Of course this contributes a part to the low chart placings. I think the truth is were just not buying the singles this time around. If you go into any Hmv shop you will see the shelves still stacked with the singles. Last time around you didnt even get a chance to see one let alone buy one.

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