Summer Vacation Special

A new cd release from ELVIS ONE in the totally unneccesary series. "Summer Vacation Special - Elvis Presley by special request" contains 25 tracks including original mono single and album versions, alternate takes and more! A total of 8 tracks + a lot of the Mono versions are previously unreleased by Elvis official record company on cd, including a previously unreleased "Girls! Girls! Girls! / Fun In Acapulco" radio spot taken from the original promo disc! Also including are the original Summer Vacation Special single tracks (released on single in 1964, 1966 and 1967) "There's Always Me", "Judy" and "Such A Night" in original Mono. A great album compilation for this summer! 


  1. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Mono single version) 1:58
  2. Girls! Girls! Girls! (Mono album version) 2:33
  3. Such A Night (Mono single version) 2:59
  4. C’mon Everybody (Composite movie version) 2:26
  5. Moonlight Swim (Mono album version) 2:18
  6. Mexico (Dubbed movie version) 2:03
  7. Dixieland Rock (EP version) 1:36
  8. Everybody Come Aboard (Alternate take 5) 1:48
  9. Down In The Alley (Screaming girls version, take 1) 3:05
10. There’s Always Me (Mono single version) 2:18
11. Slicin’ Sand (Mono album version) 1:34
12. Take Me To The Fair (Alternate take 3) 1:19
13. Come What May (Alternate take 1) 1:36
15. Viva Las Vegas (Alternate take 6) 1:19
14. Island Of Love (Mono album version) 2:39
16. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Alternate take 3) 2:43
17. It’s Carnival Time (Movie version) 1:33
18. Sand Castles (Alternate take 1) 3:04
19. Blue Hawaii (Mono album version) 2:34
20. Judy (Mono single version) 2:12
21. What A Wonderful Life 2:26
22. I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (Alternate take 5) 2:48
23. Riding The Rainbow (Alternate take 6) 1:43
24. Anyplace Is Paradise 2:27
25. Twice as much Elvis as Ever!
Girls! Girls! Girls! and Fun In Acapulco (Radio spot) 0:57

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Psilopechtris (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 18, 2020report abuse
Why? Because some people think the crappier it sounds the more people will think it's a collector's item!
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2020report abuse
Why mono? Why this? Great cover photo tho.
Psilopechtris (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2020report abuse
Wow! The only thing missing is a 600 page hard cover book to complete this incredible and of course limited release!
The cow has been milked for so long, it's actually running on water!
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2020report abuse
Gorse : I couldn't agree more ! Milking the cow ! (Elvis ,no pun intended !)
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2020report abuse
I often wonder about decisions made by the UK government about a multitude of events and circumstances and likewise wonder why projects such as this are offered. I have often put down my opinion of 'Star' in a favourable manner as I am totally convinced they are basically true fans and their creations take time, but what is the point of what we have here, do they sell any,... do they make anybody any worthwhile money or any money at all - I end up totally perplexed as to why why why.
Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2020report abuse
A few weeks ago I ask myself: can it get any worser ? Yes, here we have it. The only thing looks good is the cover.

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