Such A Night

Coming out soon is the 4CD set "Such A Night: The Definitive Live rarities Collection"


1. Loving You 23-08-69 2. Memories 23-08-69 3. Baby What You want me to do 24-08-69 4. Runaway 24-08-69 5. Yesterday-Hey Jude 24-08-69 6. My Babe 25-08-69 7. Rubberneckin’ 26-08-69 8. This Is The story 26-08-69 9. True love travels on a gravel road 26-01-70 10. Let it be me 15-02-70 11. Walk a mile in my shoes 19-02-70 12. Don’t cry daddy 23-02-70 13. Kentucky rain 23-02-70 14. Patch it up 10-08-70 15. The next step is love 10-08-70 16. Words 10-08-70 17. Twenty days and twenty nights 12-08-70 18. US Male / I was the one 12-08-70 19. Stranger in the crowd 13-08-70 20. Make the world go away 27-01-71 21. Only believe 27-01-71 22. There goes my everything 27-01-71 23. The impossible dream 29-01-71 24. Snowbird 29-01-71 25. Something 23-02-71 26. It’s impossible 16-02-72 27. I’m so lonesome I could cry 12-01-73

01. Welcome to my world 14-01-73 02. Faded love 13-05-73 03. Adios me tender 03-09-73 04. Bridge over suspicious minds 03-09-73 05. Guadalajara / trouble 03-09-73 06. The most beautiful girl in the world 27-01-74 07. My baby left me 28-01-74 08. The first time ever I saw your face 01-02-74 09. Spanish eyes 24-05-74 10. I apologize 27-05-74 11. Turn around, look at me 28-06-74 12. When my blue moon / Blue Christmas 29-06-74 13. Down in the alley 19-08-74 14. Good times Charlie’s got the blues 19-08-74 15. If you talk in your sleep 21-08-74 16. Take these chains from my heart 21-08-74 17. Bringing it back 02-09-74 18. Allright ok you win 29-09-74 19. Green green grass of home 22-03-75 20. I’ll be there / You’re the reason I’m living 22-03-75 21. Promised land 30-03-75 22. My boy 25-04-75 23. Happy birthday 04-05-75 24. Jambalaya 04-05-75 25. The eyes of Texas are upon you 04-06-75 26. Wooden heart 13-12-75 27. Just pretend 13-12-75 28. Danny boy 01-06-76 29. Return to sender 01-08-76 30. Blueberry hill 13-02-77 31. Unchained melody 16-02-77 32. Where no one stands alone 16-02-77 33. Moody blue 21-02-77 34. Reconsider baby 21-02-77 35. Bosom of Abraham 29-03-77 36. You better run 29-03-77 37. Trouble 03-05-77 38. I really don’t want to know 21-06-77

01. Kentucky rain 03-02-70 02. Folsom prison blues – i walk the line 14-08-70 03. Oh happy day 14-08-70 04. You don’t know me 14-08-70 05. Ave maria 19-08-70 06. Memphis Tennessee 20-08-70 07. More 20-08-70 08. Sweet inspiration 20-08-70 09. When the snow is on the roses 24-08-70 10. San antonio rose 01-09-70 11. I John 01-08-71 12. I ain’t about to sing a song 12-08-71 13. I need your loving everyday 14-08-71 14. Rip it up 14-08-71 15. His latest flame 03-09-71 16. Faded love 15-02-73 17. I’m so lonesome I could cry 15-02-73 18. Memphis Tennessee 06-08-73 19. Trouble – Raised on rock 06-08-73 20. Tiger man (slow version) 11-08-73 21. Crying time 12-08-73 22. Trouble 12-08-73 23. Amazing grace 14-08-73 24. It’s a matter of time 25-08-73 25. What a friend we have in jesus 28-08-73 26. When my blue moon turns to gold again 09-02-74 27. You can have her 11-05-74 28. Roses are red 22-03-75 29. Jingle bells 01-04-75 30. Mickey Mouse march 01-04-75 31. The great pretender 01-04-75 32. You do something to me 01-04-75 33. Ku-u-i-po 07-05-75 34. Bossom of Abrahama you better run 19-07-75 35. You’ll never walk alone 19-07-75 36. Suzie Q 20-07-75 37. Shake a hand 22-07-75 38. Why me lord 22-07-75 39. Turn around look at me 23-07-75 40. Pieces of my life 24-07-75 41. Return to sender 24-07-75 42. Shake a hand 24-07-75 43. Wooden heart 24-07-75 44. Crying in the chapel 19-08-75 45. Loving you 19-08-75

01. Young and beautiful 19-08-75 02. That’s all right – CC Rider 20-08-75 03. When my blue moon turns to gold again 10-12-75 04. Wooden heart 13-12-75 05. Wooden heart (part only) 31-12-75 06. Crying in the chapel 06-05-76 07. Loving you 06-05-76 08. Hawaiian Wedding Song 07-05-76 09. Happy birthday 09-05-76 10. Young and beautiful 09-05-76 11. What now my love 04-12-76 12. Such a night 12-12-76 13. Auld lang syne 31-12-76 14. Rags to riches 31-12-76 15. Reconsider baby 31-12-76 16. Rip it up 30-04-77 17. I really don’t want to know 30-05-77 18. I really don’t want to know 26-06-77

19. Any day now 02-08-72 20. Portrait of my love 03-08-72 21. True love travels on a gravel road 03-08-72 22. Faded love 04-08-72 23. True love travels on a gravel road 04-08-72 24. I’m so lonesome I could cry 25-01-73 25. Welcome to my world 25-01-73 26. I’m leavin it up to you 25-01-73 27. Faded love 25-01-73 28. Seperate ways #1 25-01-73 29. Seperate ways #2 25-01-73 THE BONUS SONGS 30. Charlie Pride song 00-00-70 31. When the swallow comes back 00-02-70 32. We three 06-09-70 33. Detroit city 11-09-70 34. Wooden heart 03-09-71 35. Faded love 01-07-73 36. Faded love 07-08-73 37. That’s amore 29-03-75 38. Shake a hand 06-06-75 39. Killing me softly 19-07-75 40. Memphis Tennessee 22-07-75 41. Auld lang syne 31-12-75

Source: Essential Elvis / Updated: Aug 13, 2014 
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niekandelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2014report abuse
A disappointment to me this set. Many "soundboards" are actually rca recordings from for example " collector's gold" or ftd or fort Baxter copies, whereby the sound quality is considerably less than the original, same goes for the two private recordings cd's. The idea was good but nothing new for the collector that has a lot and then in a bad sound quality.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2014report abuse
The songwriters certainly do get paid when Sony release something, regardless of whether the song was published by one of the companies owned by Elvis and Parker.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2014report abuse
I think nice to have....when you don`t have so many concerts with rarities..
the die-hard collector ..though...has all concerts and rehearsals in full length...
snowplow floater (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2014report abuse
Thank you Martin DJ for mentioning Johnny Winters who left us a few weeks ago and was totally ignored by the press and media. No radio I heard even played one song, one of the great blues men. One word describes Zappa, wait for it, Genius!!
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2014report abuse
I have to disagree that a set like this would be prohibitive cost-wise for FTD. FTD does not charge more for their product because they are paying writers and performers. If this was true the cost on any Sony-Legacy release would be high. Many of the songs were published by one of Elvis' publishing companies so they aren't paying a song writer for those songs and all the performers were session or hired musicians who were paid at the time for their service. I could be wrong, but I don't think Sony is sending James Burton a check every time they release a concert CD or a studio LP from the 70's. Many of these performances have already been released by FTD on various CD's and this would be a welcome change (as KingKreole stated) to another concert CD with a typical show line-up. The reason FTD's cost so much? They know what fans will pay what they ask. A 4-disc set like this would probably cost $69 - $79 from FTD.
Martin DJ (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 15, 2014report abuse
Bob Dylan's (ten volume) Bootleg series consists of top quality alternative takes and professionally recorded concerts. Then there's the Miles Davis Bootleg Series, consisting of high quality live recordings. There is also a Johnny Winter Bootleg series (seven volumes so far). Frank Zappa released two volumes in his Beat the Boot series: he just copied existing bootlegs and released them through Rhino Records (bootlegging the bootleggers, as it were). Basically, all those Bootleg series do what FTD does, on a smaller scale.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2014report abuse
This is a set I would actually like to have. Instead of concert after concert with the same basic track listing, a set like this works so much better, in my opinion. I hope someone uploads this to the torrent sites. It is guilt free when you (illegally) download a bootleg, since the bootleg is illegal in the first place. There is always the argument about whether bootleggers are involved in a "labor of love" or, as was said below, they are just stealing from the singer, the songwriters and the label--none of whom see any money from bootlegs. Yet, without them, we're stuck with frequently inferior RCA/Sony/FTD releases.
Some years ago, Bob Dylan started releasing "official bootlegs" which, I think, were sourced from actual popular bootlegs, but updated with better sound and liner notes. This is what I always thought RCA (or is it Sony? Or FTD? whoever) would eventually do--it seems like a no-brainer. And the official release would be well within its rights to "borrow" even the cover art if they wanted to. And it seems like sales would be decent at least---everyone who has the original boot would want to buy the new-improved version, and people like me who have no access to bootlegs could actually go to Best Buy or Walmart and by the "official boot".
(I know everyone has access to bootlegs now because of the internet, but to be able to go to a regular store to buy would be great)
Chop983 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2014report abuse
Cost would be prohibitive for a FTD set like this, you have to remember that FTD pay everyone involved, writers and performers, bootleggers just pocket the lot.
Theo (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2014report abuse
Might be for a quick buck, but it's nice compilation nonetheless. Lots of songs that have not been released legally. When are FTD going to release a compilation like this?
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2014report abuse
MakeAQuickBuck records?
roytcbintheuk (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2014report abuse
Looks good ,the content as been around for some time but its nice to have it one place...does anyone know this label !

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